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Terra Casino That Could Burn 24 Billion LUNC within 6 Months Goes Live

Terra Casino, an online bookie dedicated to burning LUNC tokens, has been launched.

Although the transparency of Bookie’s LUNC Burn is still a thing of concern within the Terra Classic community, it has the capability of burning about 24 billion LUNC within six months.

The new development was announced via the official Twitter handle of the team behind the Terra Classic casino project.

TerraCasino announced, “We are delighted to announce our doors are open, and we are burning 0.2% of ALL betting volume (whichever currency you use) on LUNC.”

Recall that Terra Classic developer Rex Harrison had earlier informed the community that a casino project that specifically supports constituent burning of LUNC tokens is underway.

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In a tweet on the 23rd of November, a Terra Classic development group, TerraCVita also confirmed the launch, adding that the system has the capability of burning up to 24 billion LUNC in six months.

“Wow… a popular casino could easily burn 24bn LUNC, in 6 months. That’s just 1 dApp that can burn nearly as much as all LUNC burned in the last 6 months. Imagine what a thriving ecosystem could burn.”

Commenting on the progress of the casino, the team behind the project said lots of people have started to enjoy the casino and LUNC burning has also started as users get involved. The team emphatically stated that both Win and Lose favor LUNC incarceration.

“Thank you TerraClassic for making #TerraCasino so welcome. Fabulous first day. Loads of people enjoying the casino. Remember everyone has a chance to win because ‘Win or Lose’ the casino burns LUNC.”


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