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Critical Warning to XRP Enthusiasts

XRP Ledger (XRPL) users are advised to be cautious of a fraudulent stablecoin scheme impersonating Ripple’s upcoming official offering. This scam exploits user anticipation surrounding the launch of Ripple’s RLUSD stablecoin, expected later in 2024.

Identifying the Fake RLUSD

A deceptive token named Ripple USD (RLUSD) has emerged on the XRPL. XRPL users must exercise extreme caution and avoid interacting with this token in any way. It’s critical to understand that the legitimate RLUSD stablecoin is yet to go live.

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Here’s how to distinguish the scam:

Official Announcements: The sole reliable source of information regarding Ripple’s stablecoin launch is through official press releases disseminated by Ripple itself or RippleX, the company’s development branch.

Issuer Verification: The XRPL assigns unique identifiers to accounts issuing tokens. While the name and ticker symbol (RLUSD) might be mimicked by the scammer, the issuer account for the genuine RLUSD will differ significantly from the fraudulent one.

Protecting Yourself from Scams

To ensure safe participation within the XRPL ecosystem, users are strongly encouraged to follow essential security protocols to protect themselves from potential threats. One crucial step is to utilize reliable XRPL block explorers like XRPScan to verify the legitimacy of any token before interacting with it.

This involves examining the issuer account’s unique “r-address” and its transaction history, also known as its ancestry. By doing so, users can gain valuable insights into the token’s origins and behavior.

In the case of the fake RLUSD token, XRPScan has already flagged the associated issuer account as suspicious, serving as a warning sign for users to exercise extreme caution and avoid interacting with this token entirely. This precautionary measure can help prevent potential losses and protect users’ assets within the XRPL ecosystem.

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Ripple’s Stablecoin and Market Landscape

Ripple President Monica Long previously announced the planned launch of a stablecoin in 2024. The company unveiled the official ticker symbol, RLUSD, during the XRPL Apex 2024 conference earlier this month. This stablecoin initiative positions Ripple as a competitor within the established market of prominent stablecoin providers like Tether and Circle.


The emergence of this fake RLUSD token highlights the crucial role of user vigilance within the cryptocurrency space. By staying vigilant and following these security protocols, users can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to fraudulent activities and ensure a safer experience within the XRPL community.

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