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Top Crypto Proponent Calls Terra Classic a Memecoin, LUNC Army Reacts

A statement by Jesus Martinez (@0xJesusMartinez), a prominent YouTuber and crypto personality, who labeled Terra Classic (LUNC) a meme coin on X, has sparked a debate within the cryptocurrency community, with LUNC supporters defending its status.

Martinez’s characterization of LUNC as a meme coin was not received well by the community. He likely took this stance due to the digital asset’s instability, as his post was a reply to an X user highlighting a recent LUNC surge.

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LUNC has experienced significant volatility for a prolonged period, unable to sustain significant positive momentum for long periods. Martinez now sees LUNC as a joke and is classifying it as a meme coin.

The debate extends beyond technical specifications. LUNC’s recent price performance has fueled arguments. One user who was critical of the meme coin label went in a different direction, pointing out LUNC’s relative stability compared to the explosive growth often seen in meme coin markets.

The X user argues that LUNC should be classified as a stablecoin for failing to move while meme coins were experiencing explosive growth of up to 10x and more. This lack of upward momentum also describes a large section of the meme coin market, as the meme coins that have been abandoned tend to decline and remain at extremely low prices.

Is Terra Classic (LUNC) a Meme Coin?

LUNC supporters argue that this definition fails to capture the cryptocurrency’s underlying technology. One user pointed out that unlike many meme coins built on existing blockchains, LUNC is the native token of the Terra Classic blockchain, a separate Layer 1 network.

This technical difference translates into a contrasting perspective on LUNC’s future potential. While some view meme coins as inherently speculative with limited long-term viability, LUNC supporters believe its blockchain foundation provides a platform for broader ecosystem development.

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The LUNC developers are also working hard with crucial proposals and significant developments to restore the ecosystem to its former glory. The community has seen some success with these proposals, and many expect better performance as the development continues.


One user called Martinez a hater for his comments, exemplifying the emotional investment some hold in LUNC. The project has a passionate community that readily defends its value. The community is working hard toward restoring LUNC, and recent analyst predictions suggest the digital asset might reach its goal soon.

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