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Terra Classic Community in Disarray Over the LUNC Casino Project Theft: Details

Terra Classic Casino is among the many developments in the LUNC community designed to support LUNC burning. However, events surrounding the project have caused commotion and disunity in the Terra Classic community. 

Particularly, Rex Harrison, a popular member of the LUNC community is accused of stealing the LUNC casino code, by the Terra Casino team. He is also accused of overtaking the Terra Casino team to snatch their partnership with OWLDAO, the biggest iGaming solution provider for Web 3.0, to launch 

On Saturday, Rex Harrison (Rexyz), a former Terra Rebels member hinted at the launch of a casino, developed on the Terra Classic blockchain. Following the update from Rexyz, there has been disarray and heated disputes in the LUNC community. 

“Massive News: The Casino coming to Terra Classic is They are part of OWLDAO, the 7th largest dApp in crypto. That’s a massive confidence boost to LUNC and they are burning LUNC,” Rexyz tweeted. 

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LUNC Casino Theft Controversy

The Terra Casino team believed to be the brain behind the casino project on Terra Classic, wrote on Sunday, stating that Rex Harrison, who is also a member of the independent TerraCVita group, stole the LUNC casino code, to launch the project, in collaboration with OWLDAO.

According to the Terra Casino team, they reached out to Rexyz as a top Terra Classic member to use his influence, in securing a partnership with OWLDAO for a successful casino launch on Terra Classic.

In their claims, Rexyz pretended to help them but ended up stealing business partnerships and also failed to use his influence to establish alliances with vendor partners as agreed. The Terra Casino Twitter handle wrote;

“We regret to announce to the community that our 1.0 launch was stolen by Rexyz from the TerracVita community due to our misplaced trust, you may soon see this thief launch their TCV version of the casino to the community after stealing from our vendor partners.” 

“We all know that Rexyz is an influencer and was removed from the Terra Rebels community (for reasons unknown). It may be that what he does to us will have no impact on the community or that his influence will overshadow our voices, but we must expose these thieves.”

“It was always our goal to bring a version 1.0 cooperative casino to the community as soon as possible, and a lot of work, resources, and energy were expended in the process. At the last critical moment, because of trusting a fake help from Rexyz who stole our results, the new casino was stolen without a license.”

“We will continue to build our decentralized casino version 2.0 on Terra Classic, maybe it will take some time. But it is in compliance with regulations. Again, we remind that the stolen casino has not passed the compliance audit and it is an illegal casino.” 

In response to OWLDAO, the popular decentralized application and blockchain gaming services provider made some clarifications in a Medium post about the launched casino project in conjunction with Rexyz. LUNCwin, an independent third party involved in the drama also shared its view on the LUNC casino drama.


On the other hand, the pseudonymous LUNC validator and influencer urged the Terra Classic community to stay united to successfully revitalize the project. He wrote, “2 months ago the entire LUNC space was united. All creators under the same banner, all devs working for one common goal. I ask everybody in LUNC now. Can we put aside our differences & work as we did before? What we’ve done is incredible thus far. Let’s keep it alive.”

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