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XRP Bullish Price Forecasts From Popular Crypto Analysts

XRP’s price trajectory has garnered significant attention from crypto analysts in recent months. Despite its lackluster performance, the crypto space is full of optimistic predictions. Many enthusiasts expect a massive breakout from its current consolidation phase. This bullish sentiment reflects broader market anticipation of a potential resurgence in the cryptocurrency market.

XRP’s Price Movement and Analyst Predictions

While XRP has experienced a price decline since the beginning of the year, currently trading at $0.5473 (down 14.1% from January’s $0.625), it did exhibit a brief surge in early February alongside the broader market. This temporary rise saw XRP reach $0.57 on February 15.

Whale Alert

Despite the absence of significant upward momentum, several crypto analysts remain bullish on XRP’s future. EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto), a well-respected crypto analyst known for his positive stance on the coin, has predicted a move to $1.4 in the coming months.

This prediction is based on his analysis of XRP’s historical price movements, specifically focusing on wicking, ranging, consolidation, and bullish stages.

EGRAG’s analysis suggests that XRP is currently in the wicking stage, having recently closed above a crucial support level of $0.5141. This potentially signifies a transition into the bullish stage, paving the way for a price increase towards $1.4. Notably, this target aligns with a 1.618 Fibonacci extension from $0.3536, potentially leading to another surge targeting $5.

Additional Bullish Predictions

Dark Defender (@DefendDark), another prominent crypto analyst, utilized wave theory in his prediction of potential price points. His analysis suggests a possible downward correction until XRP reaches the $0.5198-$0.5066 range, followed by potential surges through $0.6649, $0.7707, and $0.9191 during subsequent wave formations.

Increasing XRP Bullish Sentiment

The excitement surrounding XRP has been on the rise, and it is spreading to other parts of the crypto market. Doctor Profit (@DrProfitCrypto) recently described XRP as the next shining bull, expecting the digital asset to surge massively soon. He also invested $500,000 in XRP, showing his confidence in the asset and inspiring confidence among investors.


However, some in the community are apprehensive. Community members recently went after a Wall Street veteran for her prediction of a surge to $500, which has not come true. Although XRP is not even close to the target she set, many are still confident. Even if it can’t reach that target, the consensus is that XRP is on its way up.

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