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Revealed: Satoshi Nakamoto Warned Against Tagging Bitcoin as an Investment

A new collection of emails from Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, has been made public, providing fresh insights into the early development of the cryptocurrency and Nakamoto’s views on its purpose and presentation.

Nakamoto’s Concerns

The emails, released by early Bitcoin developer Martti Malmi, reveal Nakamoto’s reservations about framing Bitcoin as an investment opportunity. In June 2009, Nakamoto expressed discomfort with labeling Bitcoin as an investment, fearing it could mislead users and potentially attract unwanted attention.

Whale Alert

Satoshi said, “I’m uncomfortable with explicitly saying ‘consider it an investment. That’s a dangerous thing to say and you should delete that bullet point. It’s okay if they come to that conclusion on their own, but we can’t pitch it as that.”

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This aligns with Bitcoin’s initial focus on decentralization and its intended use as a medium of exchange rather than a speculative asset.

The emails also shed light on Nakamoto’s concerns regarding Bitcoin’s perceived anonymity. While acknowledging the potential for pseudonymous transactions, Nakamoto cautioned against overstating Bitcoin’s anonymity capabilities. He stated that users could be pseudonymous when trading, but identities could be traced through public transaction information.

He emphasized the importance of user awareness to avoid backlash and responsible practices to maintain privacy within the system. This balanced perspective highlights Nakamoto’s understanding of the potential risks associated with anonymity in the context of a public ledger.

He also pointed out that the word “anonymous” had a shady connotation, potentially painting Bitcoin negatively. This shows that Satoshi is not fully in support of privacy in the crypto industry.

Following his rumored return to social media late last year, there has been more interest in his identity and the early history of Bitcoin (BTC). While the emails do not definitively reveal Nakamoto’s true identity, they offer valuable historical context and shed light on his thought processes and motivations during Bitcoin’s formative stages.

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The emails also offer glimpses into Nakamoto’s personality and approach. Playful exchanges and informal language showcase a more human side to the mysterious figure. Additionally, references to his absence and a full-time job suggest a life outside Bitcoin and the crypto circle.

After a break to focus on work in 2009, Satoshi stated that it felt good to be coding again later that year, suggesting that he did not work as a programmer.


What is Next for Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin recently experienced an impressive surge past $52,000. It is currently trading at $51,516.76, up 0.97% over the last 24 hours.

With the Bitcoin halving event around the corner, the emails are expected to spark further speculation on the origins of Bitcoin, Nakamoto’s identity, and the trajectory of the digital asset, particularly as it grapples with user adoption and regulation.

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