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Top Bitcoin Trader: “Next Shining Bull is XRP”

Doctor Profit (@DrProfitCrypto), a prominent Bitcoin Trader, has stirred excitement in the crypto market with a bullish prediction, claiming that XRP is primed to be the breakout star of the current bull market.

This bold statement has sparked excited reactions within the XRP community, as prominent traders from other cryptocurrencies are beginning to see the immense potential in XRP.

Whale Alert

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Doctor Profit’s bullish sentiment comes amid a positive upswing in the broader crypto market. Bitcoin’s recent surge past $52,000 triggered gains for other major players like Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA), boasting over 20% gains over the past month. However, XRP has shown a more muted response, only showing a modest 1.5% gain at its price of $0.5406 in the same period.

Unwavering Confidence in XRP

Despite the underperformance, Doctor Profit is bullish on XRP. He posted, “Next shining bull is $XRP.” Following his recent investment of $500,000 in XRP, he predicted a significant turnaround for the digital asset within the next 30 to 60 days, stopping short of specifying a target price. This marks Doctor Profit’s first major XRP purchase since acquiring the asset at $0.32 in 2023.

Dissent in the Community

While Doctor Profit’s confidence in the embattled digital token is unwavering, his pronouncement has ignited debate within the crypto community. Some remain skeptical of his XRP preference, while others voice concerns about its potential to lose its position among the top ten cryptocurrencies once the bull run fully starts.

Despite the mixed reactions, a growing number of market observers are acknowledging the potential for XRP to experience a bullish surge. Several factors fuel this belief, including the ongoing lawsuit with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) nearing a resolution that might favor Ripple, increasing institutional adoption of XRP, and its underlying utility as a fast and cost-effective cross-border payment solution.

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Will Doctor Profit’s Predictions Come True?

It is crucial to remember that Doctor Profit’s prediction should not be taken as financial advice, like any other in the volatile crypto market. However, his actions and insights offer a valuable perspective on the potential trajectory of XRP and show his confidence in the digital asset.


However, some are losing hope in the digital asset, as a prominent figure recently revealed that investors are leaving it for other cryptocurrencies. While the future remains uncertain, Doctor Profit’s actions have undoubtedly placed the digital currency in the spotlight, showing the potential of the digital asset to shock the crypto industry.

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