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What Satoshi Nakamoto Said About Ripple Over 10 Years Ago Revealed

A recent revelation within the cryptocurrency community has sparked intrigue, particularly for Ripple and Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Martti Malmi, an early Bitcoin developer, in a post on X, shared emails showing the conversations he had with the anonymous Bitcoin creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Among these exchanges lies a fascinating discussion on Ripple, offering a glimpse into Nakamoto’s perspective on the project during its early stages.

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Ripple’s journey, which began in 2004, was envisioned by a web developer, Ryan Fugger, as RipplePay. This project, predating Bitcoin, aimed to establish decentralized digital money systems – a concept that resonated with Nakamoto, according to the documents released by Malmi.

The emails shown by Malmi revealed Nakamoto’s interest in Ripple’s distinctive approach to distributing trust across its network, a feature contrasting with more centralized systems.

Malmi in his tweet, praised Satoshi’s writing, he said  “Satoshi downplayed his writing, but as evident from the emails, his English was perfect, much better than mine. I don’t remember a single instance where he even made a spelling error.

An X user, @stacksacker, responding to Martti Malmi’s tweet, tried to profile Satoshi. He said, “I read through most of his correspondence and now I truly believe he was a lone wolf developer. Likely single, late 30s/ early 40s.

“His personality matches the rock star devs I have known in my career. I truly believe he is still alive. He is just enjoying watching his creation blossom. Oh and yes he still has his private keys. He ain’t selling. His gift to humanity.”

This revelation comes at a pivotal moment for both Ripple and Bitcoin. Having evolved into a significant player in the crypto space, Ripple provides innovative solutions for financial institutions. Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s market capitalization recently surpassed $1 trillion, solidifying its huge space in the financial industry.

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It’s important to note, however, that the authenticity of these documents remains unverified, warranting a degree of skepticism. If authentic, this revelation transcends mere historical curiosity.

It compels a reassessment of the relationship between these two key players in the crypto ecosystem, inviting deeper scrutiny of the philosophical and technical foundations that have shaped their trajectories. In a continuously maturing crypto landscape, such insights serve as valuable touchstones, illuminating the industry’s evolution.

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