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XRP to $500? Analyst Unveils Path to the Ambitious Price

While legal clarity has provided XRP with a solid foundation, its price performance has not met the community’s expectations. Despite a brief pump following the court ruling in July 2023 establishing its non-security status, the digital asset underperformed during the Q4 2023 market surge, lagging behind top assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This underperformance has carried on into 2024, with prominent XRP community members calling out Ripple and its executives to showcase their displeasure with the lingering underperformance.

Whale Alert

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Despite this underperformance, ambitious price targets like $50 and $500 persist. Analysts like EGRAG CRYPTO (@egragcrypto) and crypto educator Jason (@ACOBJason) have projected such figures.

In December, Jason stated, “XRP hitting $50 is not a fantasy, but a fact.” He believes XRP is undervalued, expecting a surge for the digital asset soon. Shortly before Jason’s prediction, EGRAG CRYPTO predicted a surge to $10 By April 2024 and another surge, with XRP finally reaching $50 in December 2024.

Can XRP Reach $500?

Achieving this $50 target necessitates a significant market capitalization shift. As highlighted by CryptoBanker (@CryptoBankerSHX), a popular crypto YouTuber, reaching $50 would require a nearly 10,000% increase from XRP’s current price, pushing its market cap to a staggering $2.72 trillion.

XRP’s market cap currently sits at roughly $29.6 billion, a significant drop from its 2018 peak of over $120 billion. Surging to $50 will place XRP’s market cap well above the current market cap of the entire crypto market.

Interestingly, CryptoBanker’s analysis focused on more than XRP. He explored the potential impact on the Stronghold Token (SHX), considering its connection to the XRP Ledger. If SHX captured just 1% of XRP’s hypothetical $2.72 trillion market cap, it would reach a valuation of $27 billion.

For the most unrealistic price level, the analyst wrote “If XRP 1,000X´s to $27 Trillion MC, and $SHX has 1% of that MC at $270BN. Then $XRP will be at $500, and $SHX will be at $50.4.”

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Clarifying the Obstacles

It’s crucial to acknowledge the immense challenges associated with XRP reaching $500. Such a dramatic price increase would require widespread adoption and utility beyond its current use cases. While the XRP Ledger boasts fast and low-cost transactions, achieving mainstream adoption necessitates overcoming regulatory hurdles and competition from other established players.


Furthermore, the broader market sentiment and overall cryptocurrency performance would significantly influence XRP’s trajectory. A sustained bull run across the industry could create favorable conditions, but unforeseen events or negative market trends could hinder progress.

XRP’s Potential Trillion-Dollar Market Cap

Although some see this massive market cap as a potential hurdle for XRP’s growth, a respected member of the SHIB community recently showed why this will not be a limiting factor in the cryptocurrency’s growth. Investors, enthusiasts, and analysts are all bullish on XRP, and it could soon take over the market.

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