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VeChain’s MyBaby Has Been Announced as a National Innovation Project by the Cyberspace Administration of China

VeChain, the leading enterprise blockchain platform, has got a new boost in its quest for blockchain’s mainstream adoption with the recognition of MyBaby, its blockchain-based IVF platform, launched in collaboration with DNV, an internationally accredited registrar and classification society.

According to VeChain Foundation in a new announcement on Twitter, MyBaby that currently operates at Renji Hospital in Shanghai has officially been announced as a national innovation project by the Cyberspace Administration of China.

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Going by the Foundation’s account, the new development indicates that VeChain proudly leads real-world adoption of blockchain technology.

VeChain Foundation tweeted, “’MyBaby’, our blockchain-based IVF platform operating at Renji Hospital in Shanghai has been officially announced as a national innovation project by the Cyberspace Administration of China!”

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What MyBaby Is Designed For

On 2nd June 2021, VeChain Foundation announced the launch of MyBaby, the world’s first blockchain-based IVF service app. It was launched in collaboration with DNV as aforementioned.

According to the report, MyBaby is designed to improve the IVF process from data management to providing families with the ability to track the development of their baby.

Going by the Research and Markets report, China’s IVF market is expected to exceed $2.8 billion by 2025. So, the launch of MyBaby shows that the Assisted Reproductive Service Center of Renji Hospital is committed to becoming the most advanced and high-quality IVF provider in Asia.

The combination of the professional assurance services of DNV with the advanced blockchain technology provided by VeChain gives MyBaby the ability to verify key steps of IVF and provide private, exclusive, and end-to-end data access for prospective parents undergoing treatment.

The report also added that MyBaby is designed to combine the merits of third-party assured data verification with the immutability of blockchain technology.

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How MyBaby will leverage VeChain blockchain reads in part as follows:


“All information, imagery and data trails, from imagery produced by medical tools to the delivery of the zygote itself will be securely uploaded on VeChainThor blockchain and is only accessible to authorized users of the MyBaby Application…”

“The cryptographically secured properties of blockchain technology create a secure and reliable environment and enhance the user experience in a way that is unprecedented in the IVF field.”

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