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Man Returns Home to Learn That his Mother Threw Away Damaged Laptop on which He Had Saved his $557 Million Worth of Bitcoin

An anonymous Bitcoin trader is currently in tears after learning that his mother has disposed of a damaged laptop, in which he kept the private keys to Bitcoin (BTC) stash worth relatively $557 million at current prices.

The trader shared his grief on the popular subreddit r/Bitcoin, claiming that his life is completely ruined.

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As recounted by The Sun UK, the man used $80 to purchase 10,000 BTC as a gamble in early 2010 after being persuaded by his friends. He then stored the private keys on his laptop that later got broken.

As the popularity of crypto grew, the user said he recalled his purchase and went back to access it, believing he was sitting on a large fortune as Bitcoin’s market value surged massively.

When he got back home to look for his old laptop, which had been damaged for years, he said he discovered that his mother had entered his room and thrown the laptop away.

He further claimed that the tragic occurrence caused him to have a mental breakdown since he recalls the huge loss on a daily basis.

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The user wrote:

“I literally fainted, I was angry, confused, shocked, in denial, sad, raged and so many other emotions.”

He pointed out that he also became bitter of his mother, blaming her for disposing of the laptop that had been sitting in a pile of “untouched rubbish” for years.

Despite his efforts to get his life back on track, he claimed that the surging value of Bitcoin makes the huge loss haunt more and increases his sadness.

He said:

“I am still broke, I still live with my parents, I am employed, but at a job I hate, and have friends, but we don’t talk much, and life is just not the same as it used to be.

“I could have lived the most incredible great life and told the most epic tale about how my wealth came to be, but it never occurred. My life is spiraling downward; I am terribly sad and feel miserable every day.


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“Things aren’t the same as they used to be, and they never will be, because bitcoin has wrecked my life, or maybe I let it to ruin my life, [I’m not sure].

“My hopes were all high and ecstatic within 24 hours, then down and horrible, and it has damaged me to this day and will continue to drag me down for whatever long I live I wish I am allowed to search the landfills I will.”

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