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176M SHIB Set To Burn on 26th December; 641M SHIB Removed From Circulation since October

Steven Cooper, the owner of the Bigger Entertainment crypto record label, has recently stated that there is a plan to burn a total of 176 million SHIB tokens at the burn party slated for 26th December 2021. It’s also noted that the amount of SHIB tokens to burn during the event could be bigger.

Cooper made this known in a tweet on 21st December 2021, urging the Shib Army to buy a burn ticket for just $5 on the company’s official website to save gas fees.

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Steven Cooper tweeted, “We’re set to burn 176 Mil shib & growing at our burn party Dec. 26th. We’re burning live. Let’s give one final push Shib Army! Buy a burn ticket on our website for $5. 100% burned. This saves gas fees instead of everyone doing separate burns.”

It can be recalled that Bigger Entertainment is the first label to accept Shiba Inu (SHIB) as a payment option for merch, music, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and tickets to events.

Earlier this month, Cooper invited the Shiba Inu community to purchase tickets to the burn party for $5, noting that the earned SHIB equivalent of the cash earned will be destroyed on Boxing Day.

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When Cooper posted the tweet on 13th December, he stated that if 7,500 SHIB holders paid $5 each, the team would burn one billion Shiba Inu tokens.

Steven Cooper wrote, “If 7,500 shib holders pitched in $5, we’d burn 1 billion coins at our next burn party. We’re 13% to our goal and have 12 days! We’ll burn everything live on Dec. 26th.”

Meanwhile, Cooper has shared a link to Etherscan, which shows that another two million SHIB have been burned, meaning that it has been sent to a null address, where coins cannot be spent or withdrawn.

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641 Million Shiba Inu (SHIB) Burned Since October

According to Steven Cooper in another tweet, so far his team has destroyed 641 million SHIB tokens since October, including the two million SHIB burned a couple of hours ago.


Cooper tweeted, “Another 2 Million #shib burned. This brings our total to 641,382,956 coins burned since Oct. 20th when we launched our campaign.”

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