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Analyst Presents XRP Turning Point Analysis On XRP Weekly Chart

Prominent crypto analyst Dark Defender recently shared a tweet analyzing the XRP weekly chart that portrays the “Turning Point of the Story” statement of the cryptocurrency. This article delves into the key points of Dark Defender’s analysis and explores the technical indicators he utilizes to support his bullish outlook on XRP.

Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs)

Dark Defender points to the 100-week and 50-week EMAs, which depict the average price of XRP over those respective timeframes. These indicators are currently trending upwards, which is generally considered a bullish signal.

Despite this positive trend, the price of XRP has remained relatively stagnant in recent weeks. However, Dark Defender interprets this sideways movement as consistent with his proposed 5-wave Elliott Wave structure, a technical analysis framework used to predict future price movements.

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Analyst Presents XRP Turning Point Analysis On XRP Weekly Chart

Fisher Indicator

A more nuanced aspect of Dark Defender’s analysis revolves around the Fisher indicator. This indicator measures the overbought or oversold conditions of an asset. Dark Defender emphasizes the Fisher indicator’s reputation as a “highly sophisticated and reliable tool for predicting trend reversals.”

According to his analysis, a previous reversal signal on the Fisher indicator a few weeks ago turned out to be a “fake reversal.” He attributes this to the price remaining within a specific range (between 44 and 53 cents) and the Fisher indicator subsequently entering a more oversold territory. This, in his view, strengthens the case for a legitimate trend reversal on the next signal.

Current Situation and Future Outlook

The current positioning of XRP, according to Dark Defender, is favorable. He highlights two key factors:

Price Above Ultimate Support: This suggests a strong support level for XRP, potentially preventing further price declines.

Green Reversal Indicator: The Fisher indicator’s current green signal signifies a potential trend reversal towards an upward trajectory.

Drawing inspiration from the movie “The Matrix,” Dark Defender concludes the tweet with a metaphorical reference to perseverance in the face of doubt. He emphasizes his unwavering belief in the future of XRP, stating, “We will keep fighting till the end.”

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Important Considerations

While Dark Defender’s analysis presents a compelling case for a potential XRP price increase, it’s crucial to acknowledge the inherent uncertainties within the cryptocurrency market.


Technical analysis, while valuable, should be combined with fundamental analysis (examining the underlying project’s technology and utility) and broader market trends for a more comprehensive understanding. Additionally, past performance is not always indicative of future results.

Disclaimer: This content is meant to inform and should not be considered financial advice. The views expressed in this article may include the author’s personal opinions and do not represent Times Tabloid’s opinion. Readers are urged to do in-depth research before making any investment decisions. Times Tabloid is not responsible for any financial losses.

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