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Santiment Presents XRP and Cardano Bullish Metrics Amid Market Downturn

The cryptocurrency market has endured a recent slump, dragging major players like Bitcoin, XRP, and Cardano to significant lows. However, amidst the prevailing bearish sentiment, there are glimmers of optimism for XRP and Cardano, fueled by recent market data analysis and insights from industry experts.

Undervaluation Signals from Market Metrics

Santiment, a prominent blockchain analytics firm, recently released data that suggests a potential turnaround for specific cryptocurrencies. Their analysis hinges on the Market Value to Realized Value (MVRV) ratio, a metric employed to gauge market sentiment and predict potential price movements.

The 30-day MVRV ratio compares the current market price of an asset with the average price at which it was acquired over the past month. A lower MVRV ratio signifies that the asset is potentially undervalued, thereby indicating a higher likelihood of a price upswing in the near future.

Santiment’s data reveals a cautiously optimistic outlook for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with 30-day MVRV ratios of -4.0% and -4.3%, respectively. However, XRP and Cardano present a more compelling case for potential rebounds. XRP boasts a 30-day MVRV of -3.5%, while Cardano sits at a considerably lower -12.6%, suggesting a stronger likelihood of price appreciation.

Supporting this notion is additional market data. Cardano’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) dipped to 28.8 yesterday as its price fell to $0.35, reinforcing the asset’s undervalued position. Similarly, XRP’s RSI currently rests at 44, placing it firmly within the undervalued zone.

Market Experts Offer Rebound Predictions

Market analysts appear to share Santiment’s optimistic outlook, particularly for XRP and Cardano. Cryptobilbuwoo, a well-respected analyst, presented his analysis on a weekly chart, highlighting the historical correlation between XRP and altcoin dominance (ALT.D).

He emphasizes that whenever ALT.D retests an upward trendline, XRP tends to experience price increases, which in turn bolsters ALT.D itself. Cryptobilbuwoo’s technical analysis projects a potential surge for XRP to $2.71, suggesting an imminent technical rebound from its current price of $0.4915.

Cardano’s future holds promise as well. Sebastian, another market authority, recently pinpointed the recent price drop to $0.40 as a significant buying opportunity. He recommends a Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) strategy, where investors consistently purchase Cardano at regular intervals to lessen the impact of market volatility.

Sebastian acknowledges the potential for a further dip to $0.38 if Bitcoin’s downtrend persists. However, he remains confident in Cardano’s ability to stage a substantial rebound once the current market correction subsides. This prediction held briefly, as ADA plummeted to a new yearly low of $0.3575 yesterday. The steep decline explains Cardano’s current low MVRV and RSI.

While the cryptocurrency market grapples with a downturn, there are indications that XRP and Cardano might be poised for rebounds. The MVRV ratio and insights from market analysts suggest that these assets may be undervalued and ripe for potential price appreciation.


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