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Do Kwon Affirms Support For Terra Classic, Says TFL Will Involve LUNC In Upcoming LUNA Collaborations

In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Do Kwon, the TerraForm Labs (TFL) CEO assured that the TFL would continue to support the Terra Classic (LUNC) community.

As disclosed by the pseudonymous validator on the Terra Classic network, Classy Crypto, Do Kwon who abandoned LUNC to launch Terra 2.0 (LUNA) in May has set out to contribute toward the revitalization of the LUNC project. 

Particularly, the Terra founder who had earlier integrated Terra Classic into the official wallet of Terra, affirmed that Terra Station would perpetually support the LUNC community. Do Kwon also noted that the TFL would accommodate Terra Classic in future partnerships secured for LUNA. 

“We’ll maintain Terra Station for the $LUNC community as long as it takes. We’re comfortable doing it for the foreseeable future. We’re happy to include the $LUNC community in many future $LUNA collaborations,” Do Kwon asserted in a recent AMA session per Classy Crypto’s tweets.  

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The TFL’s decision to include the LUNC in future LUNA collaborations is believed to be quite timely and significant for the Terra Classic community. Currently, the Terra Classic team is on course to launch the v23 network upgrade. This upgrade planned for December 2022, aims to make Terra Classic compatible with decentralized applications on the Terra (LUNA) chain. 

In highlighting the significance of the v23 upgrade, LUNC DAO, the fourth-largest validator on the Terra Classic network stated that achieving a technological parity between LUNC and LUNA, will allow Dapps on the LUNA chain to deploy easily on the LUNC network. 

Consequently, this would lead to increased on-chain activity on the Terra Classic network. LUNC DAO further wrote, “LUNA is the hope for the heartbroken community to rebuild.”

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It is worth noting that Do Kwon has demonstrated support for the Terra Classic community in several instances. As earlier reported by TimesTabloid, the Terra founder told Alex Forshaw, a top LUNC community member about an Ethereum multisig wallet, containing non-Terra assets worth about $4.16 million then.

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