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Terra Classic to Soon Become Fully Cosmos Interoperable As New Upgrade Is Slated For December

Terra Classic network is getting closer to becoming fully interoperable with the Cosmos network as the new version (v23) upgrade is slated to play out before the end of the year.

In a tweet on November 1, Terra Rebels, the group of developers supporting the progress of the Terra Classic blockchain, revealed that the release of the new version of the blockchain is on track. It also disclosed that the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) with the Cosmos network will be re-enabled by the end of 2022.

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In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, the Terra Classic core developer Edward Kim, said, “…we’re looking at reworking the underlying Cosmos tendermint skeleton and upgrading vanilla Cosmos 45.8 and then upgrade to Tendermint v34. If you look at what Jacob Gadikian has done for … Osmosis Notional and Osmosis, they upgraded to 45.9. And that is in our repo.”

Kim also disclosed during the AMA that Tobias Andersen, a fellow core developer, who is also known as Zaradar in the community, is currently working on the upgrade of Tendermint to v37. Howbeit, due to changes in Tendermint, Kim said the developer has a lot to do. Once this is complete, the implementation of CosWasm v1.0.0 will follow, Kim added.

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It can be recalled that the IBC protocol between Terra Classic and Cosmos chains was disabled during the historic collapse of the Terra ecosystem. This action was taken by the team in a bid to guard against impermanent losses on UST and LUNA pools on Osmosis and other IBC DEXs.


The re-enabling of IBC will equally allow for the trading of LUNC and USTC on Osmosis, Sei, and Kujira. Importantly, linking with the Cosmos chain will help in bringing back liquidity to the Terra Classic chain and further expand its use cases.

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