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ETH, UNI and RBLK Surge Amid $20M Accumulation, Analysts Tipping Rally To Continue This Week

Amid a substantial $20 million accumulation, the altcoin market saw notable price increases in Ethereum, Uniswap, and Rollblock. Moreover, having noticed this bullish tendency, analysts are hopeful that the rally will continue this week. With positive market momentum and technical indicators driving market mood, the inflow of investment is considered a powerful indication of confidence in these altcoins. Let us find out why Rollblock is among the best altcoins to buy for huge gains in 2024!

Rollblock: One Of The Best Altcoins To Buy This Month

Rollblock combines the best features of both centralized and decentralized gambling to change the online gambling market. Among the first cryptocurrency casinos backed by the community, Rollblock allows players to profit from the casino solely by holding the native token, RBLK. Meanwhile, one of Rollblock’s best features is allowing users to access their portfolio of games whilst being able to withdraw winnings without the need to complete a KYC.

Players’ privacy is guaranteed since all they need to register is an email address. Customers can start playing and earning fast and enjoyably on the website because there are so many games that provide fast wins and payments. Moreover, special bonuses, cash-back offers, and a share of the casino’s profits that RBLK token holders get also help to build a fascinating and rewarding ecosystem.

Integral to Rollblock’s architecture is openness and security. Using blockchain technology, the platform ensures unchangeable and tamper-proof gameplay. The usual issues with trust in online casinos are resolved by this degree of openness. Meanwhile, the newest encryption methods used on the RBLK platform protect players’ assets and data and guarantee secure and private transactions.

The Rollblock presale is only in Stage 3 and each RBLK token is only worth $0.014. The over 9 million RBLK tokens that have already been sold demonstrate the clear high demand for these tokens. Moreover, the Rollblock presale has generated over $750,000 in presale revenue and analysts expect this figure to reach $1 million this June. Moreover, experts also project a potential 10000% rise in the value of RBLK tokens this coming week.

Ethereum Price Movement Amid Whale Activity

The accumulation of the Ethereum coin by big investors, sometimes known as whales, has increased noticeably in recent weeks. According to statistics, these whales have bought over 700,000 ETH or about $2.45 billion worth of the Ethereum coin. Even with the recent Ethereum price swings, this substantial buying activity indicates a strong belief in Ethereum’s long-term potential. 

Whales’ growing Ethereum ownership points to a calculated attempt to profit from Ethereum’s recent decline in value. Considering the continuous market volatility, this accumulation might help to stabilize the price of the altcoin. Though Ethereum briefly fell below $3,400, it has shown resiliency by rising as a result of increased whale activity.

Uniswap Price Chart Analysis

After its previous correction trend bottomed at $6.73 on May 15, the Uniswap price entered the current recovery trend. The asset rose 77% during three weeks, reaching a high of $11.96 thanks to this bullish turnaround. Meanwhile, Coinglass reports that Uniswap’s open interest has increased significantly during the recent recovery, rising from $89.21 million to $146.5 million. 

Furthermore, the roughly 64.25% increase in the Uniswap price suggests that investors are becoming more interested in the altcoin as the bulls are dominating, and it may also portend impending price movements or increased market activity. Moreover, the Uniswap price chart reveals that the altcoin is forming an inverted head and shoulder pattern on the daily chart. This chart pattern suggests that buyers are becoming more optimistic about Uniswap.


Through the integration of the finest aspects of decentralized and centralized gambling, Rollblock guarantees its users’ profitability, security, and privacy. The openness of the platform and its application of blockchain technology increase its allure even more. With over $750,000 raised thus far in Stage 3 of its presale, Rollblock is one of the best altcoins to buy this month because experts anticipate a possible 10000% increase in the token’s value this month.

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