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Do Kwon Agrees to Suggestion of a Mutual Alliance between LUNC and LUNA: Details

Do Kwon, the founder and CEO of Terraform Labs, has agreed to a suggestion of a possible alliance between Terra (LUNA 2.0) and Terra Classic (LUNC) blockchains.

In a leaked WhatsApp conversation between a supposed LUNC core developer and Kwon as shared on Twitter by LUNC DAO, possible interoperability between the old Luna chain and the new Luna chain was suggested.

It can be recalled that after the collapse of the old Terra Luna chain, an entirely new chain was created codenamed Terra (LUNA 2.0). Ever since, the old chain, which is now known as Terra Classic, has been abandoned by Do Kwon and his team of developers at Terraform Labs.

Possible Mutual Alliance between LUNC and LUNA

It should be noted that Do Kwon has started to show a kind of support to the Terra Classic community lately and the recent conversation is proof of his interest in the imploded digital asset LUNC.

In the WhatsApp conversation, the anonymous Terra Classic developer wrote:

“Some quick thoughts $LUNC and $LUNA. What if we envisioned a twin moons in the sky scenario where the whole was greater than the sum of the parts?

“- LUNC gets upgraded to parity – Some LUNA apps being built could launch on LUNC too. Good for builders and the LUNC Community (LUNC is suffering from a severe case of high attention/ MCap but no builders or clear direction).

“- Interchain alliance between LUNC + LUNA? LUNC staking rewards are high and desirable.

“- Reward post-crash LUNC holders who created terra station wallets for interacting with LUNA too. Many hundred thousands of new wallets were created in the last few months.

“- Down the road, I am imagining the possibilities for aligned incentives and stuff like games where the LUNC crowd could go head to head with LUNA, etc. But you guys will have more ideas

“Thoughts? Feels like a really fascinating jigsaw pieces situation where we can transmute the existing situation/attention and benefit all.”

In response to the LUNC user’s suggestions, Kwon said it’s not hard to form an alliance with LUNC as long as the community supports it.

Do Kwon said, “Forming an alliance with lunc isn’t hard – as long as a software upgrade proposal can pass from that side.”


However, it seems an alliance between LUNA and LUNC is not a good idea for many Terra Classic community members as some of them threatened to dump their LUNC holdings if such an association happens.

A supposed LUNC holder wrote, “In all seriousness, Stay the fuck clear of Do Kwon. Would be the biggest mistake for LUNC to be caught up in any shape or form with that clown.”

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