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SHIB Army Reacts to Shiba Inu Lead Dev’s Post About “the moon”

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer for the Shiba Inu project, recently sent a message on social media platform X that has generated excitement among SHIB holders.

Kusama’s post briefly references “the beauty of the moon,” a phrase commonly used within the cryptocurrency community to express a belief that a token’s price is poised for a significant increase.

This interpretation was embraced by many SHIB enthusiasts, leading to speculation that Kusama’s message hinted at a potential future surge in the value of SHIB and other tokens within the Shiba Inu ecosystem, including BONE and LEASH.

Beyond Crypto: The Moon’s Wider Significance

While the “to the moon” expression holds a specific meaning in the cryptocurrency sphere, the moon itself carries broader cultural and religious significance. In Islam, for example, the sighting of the moon on specific dates marks the beginning of important holidays.

This year, the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha, commemorating Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son to obey God, fell on June 15-16. This celebration coincided with other holidays and observances such as Father’s Day, International Day of Family Remittances, Bloomsday, and World Fresh Vegetable Day.

Given the confluence of these events, Kusama’s tweet can also be understood as extending well wishes to the Shiba Inu community during a significant period on the Islamic calendar.

Kusama’s Recent Social Media Activity

Before his latest post, Kusama had been absent from X for nearly two weeks. His previous message on the platform, published on June 5th, expressed gratitude to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin for his insights on the rise of memecoins often associated with celebrities.

Buterin had outlined three key criteria he believes such memecoins should possess to gain his respect: a demonstrably positive impact on society (e.g., charitable efforts), a lifespan exceeding ten years, and engaging mechanics beyond simple token trading.

Kusama’s response to Buterin’s post suggested he was about to enter a meeting related to these topics. Following this exchange, Kusama’s social media activity ceased for almost two weeks. His recent weekend post on X indicates a potential return to more frequent engagement with the Shiba Inu community, possibly offering updates on ongoing project developments.


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