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XRP at $10,000? Experts Analyze the Possibility

As always, the XRP community is debating the actual price of XRP. Many see the digital asset as undervalued, caused by the roadblocks created by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and apprehension from institutional investors.

This debate has drawn the attention of two prominent figures, Edoardo Farina, CEO of Alpha Lions Academy, and Versan Aljarrah, founder of Black Swan Capitalist, who recently shared their perspectives on the possibility of XRP reaching a price of $10,000. Farina shared the clip of their interview on X.

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Central Bank Adoption

Aljarrah’s viewpoint centers on the potential role of central banks and major financial institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), in influencing XRP’s price. He proposes that their adoption of XRP could function similarly to an initial public offering (IPO) where companies set a higher initial stock price.

In this scenario, Aljarrah argues, these institutions would establish a high initial price for XRP to ensure its suitability as a settlement mechanism for large transactions. He believes XRP’s inherent technology and growing adoption would then drive its liquidity value even higher.

Furthermore, Aljarrah contends that a price target like $10,000 might be necessary for XRP to gain widespread acceptance within the global financial system for large-scale settlements. A prominent analyst recently called the $10,000 price a logical conclusion.

XRP’s Potential and Market Growth

Farina shares Aljarrah’s optimism regarding XRP’s potential to reach $10,000. He emphasizes XRP’s underlying technology and the nascent stage of the cryptocurrency market, currently valued at around $2.3 trillion, as factors that suggest significant room for growth within the next five years.

Farina highlights XRP’s advantages as a payment system, including its potential for tokenizing assets like real estate, gold, and luxury goods. This, combined with the projected growth of cross-border payments, suggests a future where XRP plays a crucial role in global finance, potentially leading to a substantial price increase.

To support his argument further, Farina compares XRP’s potential to Bitcoin’s historical growth. He argues that Bitcoin’s rise from $500 to $73,000, he argues, was primarily driven by speculation with limited utility beyond being a store of value. Given XRP’s functionalities within the financial system, Farina expresses confidence in achieving the $10,000 target.

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The Challenges of Reaching $10,000

While Farina and Aljarrah present compelling arguments, the feasibility of a $10,000 XRP price remains a debate. XRP is trading at $0.5237, showing a modest 1.71% increase over the past 24 hours. Reaching $10,000 would require a 1.9 million percent increase. However, many experts in the community are confident that XRP can reach $10,000.

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