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British Red Cross Embraces Donations in Bitcoin, XRP and SHIB

The British Red Cross, a renowned global humanitarian organization, has announced the acceptance of cryptocurrency donations. This move signifies the organization’s adaptation to evolving donor preferences and broadening its fundraising reach.

On May 30th, through its official X account, the British Red Cross announced its acceptance of donations in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and XRP. This decision reflects the growing popularity of digital assets and caters to a new generation of donors comfortable with cryptocurrency transactions.

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Dedicated Crypto Donation Portal

The British Red Cross has established a user-friendly portal designed for cryptocurrency donations. This portal allows donors to directly contribute to various humanitarian efforts, supporting crisis-stricken regions like Palestine and Israel, or providing general aid in the aftermath of natural disasters.

The British Red Cross prioritizes transparency and upholds ethical standards in its fundraising practices. While anonymous contributions are not allowed, the organization only requires basic donor information for crypto donations under $5,000. However, to maintain financial integrity, donations exceeding $5,000 undergo a dedicated ethical screening process.

Fees Associated with Crypto Donations

The British Red Cross partners with The Giving Block, a platform that facilitates secure and efficient crypto donation processing. The Giving Block charges a tiered fee structure to cover operational costs. Donations under $25,000 incur a 3.9% fee, which progressively reduces to 1.9% for contributions exceeding $100,000.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The British Red Cross demonstrates its commitment to inclusivity by accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies through its partnership with The Giving Block. Donors can contribute using established digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE), alongside prominent stablecoins pegged to traditional currencies.

In contrast to the British Red Cross’s recent adoption of cryptocurrency donations, the American Red Cross has been processing crypto contributions for almost a decade. This highlights the varying paces at which charitable organizations adapt to technological advancements.

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Conversion Process and Disbursement

It’s important to clarify that donated cryptocurrency isn’t directly transferred to the British Red Cross. The Giving Block acts as a mediator, instantly converting all crypto donations into US Dollars (USD) for streamlined accounting. These converted funds are then transferred to the British Red Cross every week.

The British Red Cross’s embrace of cryptocurrency donations signifies a progressive approach to fundraising. This move expands donor options and leverages the growing popularity of digital assets.


By establishing a dedicated crypto donation portal and partnering with a reputable processing platform, the British Red Cross ensures a secure and transparent experience for donors seeking to support humanitarian efforts through cryptocurrency.

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