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Crypto Influencer Hypes BlockDAG As Crypto To Invest as Presale Hits $51.5M Soars Ahead of Uniswap Trading & Ethereum Classic Price

Uniswap (UNI) Trading is on the verge of a potential bullish breakout, while Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price has stumbled recently with a 3% decline. BlockDAG (BDAG), in the meantime, is drawing attention with its presale progress and is now at $51.5 million.

With millions of dollars in presale sales per day, BlockDAG is currently the most valuable cryptocurrency. The presale’s success is driven by a rush of endorsements from famous influencers who praise its innovative technology and global marketing. This quick progress confirms BlockDAG as the top crypto to invest in.

Uniswap Trading Shows Potential Bullish Reversal

Uniswap (UNI) demonstrates signs of a bullish reversal after weeks of poor performance. The recent Golden Cross of the MA50 above the MA200 indicates short-term bullish momentum.

Multiple inverse head and shoulder patterns and a MACD crossover suggest potential upward movement. Additionally, increased net inflows and high transaction values signal strong investor interest, with 51% of holders currently in profit.

Crypto Influencer Hypes BlockDAG As Crypto To Invest as Presale Hits $51.5M Soars Ahead of Uniswap Trading & Ethereum Classic Price

Ethereum Classic Price Declines Over 3% in A Day

Ethereum Classic (ETC) saw a price drop of 3.04% in the past 24 hours, falling to $25.48. This decline continues a week-long negative trend, with a 13.0% loss from $29.31. Despite the drop, trading volume increased by 21.0%, and the circulating supply grew slightly to 147.51 million, representing 70.01% of its maximum supply.

Influencers Make BDAG Viral Results in Massive Surge

BlockDAG has recently witnessed a staggering presale surge, crossing the $50 million mark and achieving an impressive 1120% increase in price. This remarkable growth can be attributed to high-profile endorsements from renowned influencers and its global footprints, which have significantly boosted investor interest.

Recently, the influencer Alexandrus’ detailed reviews and live reactions to BlockDAG’s keynotes have driven this unprecedented momentum. In his YouTube video, Alexandrus highlighted BlockDAG’s innovative approach and potential to revolutionise digital transformation. The beta launch of the X1 Miner mobile app and the presale phase were underscored as major milestones. The influencer’s emphasis on BlockDAG’s rapid growth in popularity, supported by coverage from various other influencers, set the stage for the subsequent surge in interest.

Furthermore, Alexandrus delved deeper into BlockDAG’s technicalities and milestones. His analysis of the technical aspects, including the integration of Proof of Work consensus with a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG), showcased BlockDAG’s commitment to efficiency and scalability.

He discussed the project’s transparency, with over 50 development updates on the official website, and its recognition by prestigious publications like Forbes and Bloomberg. The influencer also provided insights into BlockDAG’s ecosystem expansion, upcoming mainnet launch, and innovative features such as low-code/no-code solutions for decentralised application development.

Additionally, BlockDAG’s strategic global expansion has solidified its profile and enhanced its visibility on a global scale. Its presence in iconic locations such as Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing, the Las Vegas Sphere, and London’s Piccadilly Circus, along with the keynote 2 live from the Moon, underscores its ambition and innovative marketing strategies. These high-visibility campaigns have captured potential investors’ attention and reinforced BlockDAG’s commitment to becoming a dominant player in the cryptocurrency market.

Rounding Up

BlockDAG sets itself apart from rivals like Uniswap and Ethereum Classic with its impressive presale, which has raised over $51.5 million. While Uniswap expects to see a breakout and the Ethereum Classic price is in dip, BlockDAG remains the leading crypto to invest in due to its consistent performance since its presale and innovative innovations endorsed by the influencers. With a clear plan and purposeful global advancement, BlockDAG dominates the market. Thus, investors participate in BlockDAG’s current presale, hoping for a big breakthrough.

Crypto Influencer Hypes BlockDAG As Crypto To Invest as Presale Hits $51.5M Soars Ahead of Uniswap Trading & Ethereum Classic Price

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