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XRP Holders Rejoice as Ripple Announces New Partnerships, SEC Uncertainty Impacting Gains

Ripple (XRP) network has maintained close ties with the Flare network ever since the Flare network emerged. However, their tokens are not operational on the distinctive platforms. Focusing on their existing association, both projects have formed a strategic partnership, introducing FXRP assets.

The partnership fails to encounter the turbulence caused by the ongoing battle with the SEC. the Ripple (XRP) VS SEC battle has resulted in significant downturns for the XRP token affecting its price movements. Ripple (XRP) investors find solace in emerging platform, DTX Exchange to rectify their losses and expand their gains.

Crypto Commentators Confirm Ripple And Flare Partnership

Various crypto commentators explain the Ripple (XRP) and Flare (FLR) partnership viewing it as a revolutionary collaboration in the blockchain ecosystem. The Flare CEO disclosed that the partnership is aimed at unlocking opportunities for integration.

The collaboration provides an opportunity to integrate not only Ripple (XRP) and Flare (FLR)  but various other protocols as well. The partnership is set to transform the Decentralized Application (DApp) developers by enabling them to build projects that can interact with multiple cross-chain assets that can potentially exist or already exist on the network.

Experts Claim “A Serious Crash Is Imminent for Ripple (XRP) Post SEC Uncertainty”

Ripple’s (XRP) price has been consolidating for a few months. As the XRP’s tussle with SEC takes an uncertain turn, market experts anticipate an imminent crash for the token viewing its price movement and the market performance.

Ripple (XRP) saw a surge in activity when a whale offloaded a sizable quantity of coins to centralized exchanges. According to on-chain statistics, nearly 31 million XRP coins were dumped during the most recent price movement. The whale activity has raised concerns among investors shaking their confidence in the token’s future price trajectory.

The massive token dumps are an indicator of a bearish takeover as they raise supply negatively affecting the prices. The recent dumping has, therefore, caused a downtrend for the Ripple (XRP) platform following the SEC decision.

DTX Exchange becomes a hedging platform in these circumstances with its massive ROI potential.

DTX Exchange Becomes The Best Hedging Platform

DTX Exchange is a trading platform that offers unique opportunities to investors. It has 1000x leverage and no KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. The non-custodial wallets and distributed liquidity pools are poised to maximize gains for the holders. The exchange also provides an opportunity to trade cryptos, forex, equities, and contract-for-differences (CFDs).

The record-breaking presale of DTX Exchange touches another milestone by raising over $700,000 at the beginning of its presale’s second stage. Its token is seen as an expansion opportunity at $0.04. The token’s price can surge to $0.06 in the coming stages of the presale.

It is being called the best hedging platform thanks to the opportunities provided to the key holders such as reduced trading fees, access to premium features, and entitlement to governance votes and proposals. The impending giveaway has been a magnet for investors.

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