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Why Turkish SHIB Army Met with Turkey’s Minister of Economy Explained

It became a trending topic within the Shiba Inu community and crypto ecosystem at large after it was announced that Shiba Army in Turkey was invited by the country’s former minister of Economy, Mustafa Elitaş. Many thought SHIB is on the verge of becoming a currency in the country.

A prominent member of the Shiba Inu community identified as SHIB Informer has in a series of tweets explained what brought about the meeting, in order to clear misconceptions.

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SHIB Informer tweeted, “Türkiye and Shiba? In recent days, there have been a lot of rumors and misunderstandings in regards to that very question. I feel I can help address some notions on the topic. And try to place this in a good perspective, that is also truthful and positive for the #ShibArmy.”

In the thread of tweets, SHIB Informer answered some frequently asked questions (FAQs) within Shiba Inu community after the meeting was held.

SHIB Informer wrote:

“Is there a formal ‘deal’ with any government about Shiba? No. * Was the meeting a friendly approach to a govt. official? Yes, absolutely. We always try to create awareness about the Shiba ecosystem. We are thankful of this meeting with Turkish government officials.

“Is SHIBA ready to become the official currency of any nation? In my opinion, not yet. Shibarium/SHI/Shibanet will provide the needed expandability to make this right. * Can SHIBA become the most used and useful platform in the world for crypto? That is certainly our intention

“Are these meetings beneficial for the #SHIBARMY? Yes. They let people in positions of power know how decentralization and the influence of these new kind of communities can be a positive force in the modern world. * Will efforts such as these continue? If possible, yes!

“* Do we want this to happen again? If possible, yes! * Should you, a regular citizen and #ShibArmy member, contact your political class about SHIBA? Yes. Promoting awareness, education, and describing the foundation of Shiba is a valuable aspect on how you can also help.”

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The Meeting Was Meant to Benefit SHIB and Crypto

The prominent Shiba Inu community member further stated that the reason for the meeting wasn’t to hype Shiba Inu and its ecosystem, it was meant to gain a common understanding that could benefit the Shiba Army and the crypto industry.

SHIB Informer pointed out that the former minister of economy in Turkey was able to help in defining the policy around crypto in the country during the meeting:


“We reach out to important, relevant individuals that can help make a difference. We do not approach people or institutions just for the hype. But we seek common understandings in ways that can benefit the #ShibArmy and the successful evolution of the ecosystem and crypto.

And to finalize, once more we would like to thank for the audience to Mustafa Elitaş, who helps defining the Turkish policy around crypto, and has served as Minister of Economy. And @shibaturkish for taking the role of an active citizen by reaching out for these instances.”

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