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Uphold and Sologenic Join Forces to Make XRP Purchase Seamless Across the World

Sologenic, a leading provider of global tokenization solutions based in Dubai, has partnered with Uphold, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange, to introduce an innovative application that enables seamless XRP and SOLO token purchases worldwide.

The collaboration has resulted in the creation of “Topper,” an on-ramp solution designed specifically for the XRP Ledger (XRPL), providing users with high approval rates and swift settlement speed.

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Introducing “Topper”: Advantages and Accessibility

Sologenic recently shared the news of their strategic partnership on Twitter, showcasing the benefits of their collaboration. Topper offers a multitude of advantages, including rapid settlement speed, high approval rates, and global accessibility to both XRP and SOLO tokens. Notably, these features extend to users in the United States as well.

In the Twitter space discussion, Frankie Picciano, Global Head of Topper Sales, expressed his gratitude to the Uphold team for their dedication and highlighted the positive response from the crypto community. Picciano pledged to further enhance Topper’s functionalities, ensuring a seamless experience when purchasing XRP and SOLO tokens.

Similarly, Erik Stoltz, Senior Business Development Manager at Sologenic, emphasized the significance of creating this crypto payment solution in light of regulatory changes. Stoltz emphasized the need for real-time fund transfers between trading platforms, underscoring the platform’s aim to address these evolving requirements.

Discovering the Unique Offerings of Topper

The Topper website provides additional insights into the platform’s distinctive features. The payment tool offers an easy-to-implement solution, empowering crypto projects to process a broader range of customer payments.

Topper prides itself on supporting twice as many digital assets as other solutions, effectively reducing the likelihood of payment declines and boosting revenue for crypto businesses.

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This recent launch follows Uphold’s introduction of UpHODL, a proprietary multi-chain self-custodial crypto wallet, just a few weeks ago. As reported earlier, the wallet provides users with the option to buy crypto directly.


The unveiling of Topper serves as a testament to the longstanding relationship between Sologenic and Uphold. Uphold was among the select exchanges exclusively offering to trade for Sologenic’s native token, SOLO.

As Sologenic and Uphold join forces, their collaboration brings enhanced accessibility and seamless transactions to the global XRP and SOLO token holders, further strengthening the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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