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Uphold Official Says XRP Meets All Legitimate Criteria of Exchange Listing

Nancy Beaton, the Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of a top United States-based crypto exchange Uphold has reiterated the exchange’s solid support for XRP despite the longstanding Ripple-SEC case. 

While several top cryptocurrency exchanges based in the U.S., including Coinbase and Kraken, have ceased XRP trading on their respective platforms citing regulation concerns, Uphold CRO stated recently that the sixth-largest crypto asset has met all legitimate criteria for listing on their exchange.

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Uphold is among the few US-based trading platforms where users can buy and sell XRP seamlessly. Beaton, who spoke during a panel session that was centered on tokenization, stressed the stringent criteria Uphold has set in place for token listing.

According to her, the exchange has a listing committee that evaluates tokens based on factors such as security, audits, founders’ credibility, token distribution, and other legitimate criteria before opting to onboard them onto its platform. 

As stated by the Chief Revenue Officer at Uphold, XRP meets all of the exchange’s criteria for listing, unlike 70% of projects requesting to be supported on the crypto exchange. Beaton further disclosed that there is no precedent that would demand the delisting of XRP according to the company lawyer.

This explains why the exchange never delisted XRP as earlier claimed but instead has been expressing massive support for the project despite the Ripple-SEC case which was predicted to be wrapped up before or by September end, according to Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.


Should the lawsuit end in favor of Ripple, more exchanges are bound to relist the crypto asset.  However, Coinbase chief legal counsel Paul Grewal noted that the leading US-based trading platform would not relist XRP immediately but would conduct a further assessment of the asset to ascertain whether to relist it or not.

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