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Uphold Seals New Partnership to Make XRP Purchase with Fiat Seamless: Details

In the latest development, Uphold, a United States-based financial platform, has taken to its official Twitter handle to announce a new partnership with Xumm, a non-custodial wallet for the XRP Ledger.

The new integration aims to facilitate Xumm users’ seamless purchase of XRP tokens by utilizing debit or credit cards via Topper, a new fiat-to-crypto on-ramp service from Uphold.

Topper is the latest innovation to Xumm’s fiat-to-crypto on-ramp services platform. Focus on inclusivity and versatility has seen the wallet platform incorporate six different on-ramp services. Notably, Poko’s On-Ramp Aggregator got incorporated into the wallet firm in May. Also, FIO Send got integrated into Xumm’s platform in January.

What Is Xumm and What Does The New Integration Entail?

Xumm is a self-custody wallet designed for users to interact with the XRPL and other third-party tools while ensuring their keys are safe. Xumm also announced its new collaboration with Uphold’s Topper service as a third-party xApp on its platform via a press release.

With the incorporation of Topper into Xumm, users are guaranteed excellent authorization rates compared to previously existing digital asset market providers. In addition, the updated wallet will enhance swift foreign exchange and cross-border remittance while accommodating a wide range of currencies to serve an extended user base.

The new Topper-integrated Xumm wallet affords users versatility in the form of a diverse selection of on-ramp services; its extensive range of countless countries and currencies also allows the wallet users to trade using globally accepted currencies like USD and EUR, which they can convert into XRP.

Notably, the latest collaboration will largely favor users in underserved jurisdictions with minimal access to similar services like many states in Canada and the United States.

How To Purchase XRP On Xumm Via Topper

Step 1: Launch your Xumm app, then head to “Buy/Sell XRP.”

Step 2: On the new page, scroll through the list of available on-ramp service providers; click “Topper.” You will get directed to Topper’s platform.

Step 3: Input the fiat currency equivalent to the worth of XRP you desire to purchase. Topper will incur an extra transaction charge of 2.9%; ensure to confirm the transaction charges tallies with the stipulated 2.9%, then click “Continue.”

Step 4: Proceed to set up your Topper account and ensure you finalize the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.


Step 5: Once notified, input your card details into the system to prompt the XRP purchase transaction process.

Step 6: Forge ahead to finalize your payment, and your XRP will get delivered to your Xumm wallet.

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