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Top Analyst Says Shiba Inu (SHIB) Is a Potential Gold Mine. Here’s why

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has garnered attention from various analysts. One in particular, Davie, believes it has the potential for significant price appreciation in the short and long term. This outlook is based on a technical chart pattern identified by the analyst, suggesting a bullish continuation for SHIB. He further termed SHIB as a potential gold mine.

Bullish Pennant Formation on Shiba Inu Chart

Davie’s analysis hinges on the bullish pennant on the SHIB price chart. This specific pattern often emerges after a strong uptrend, characterized by a brief consolidation period visualized by converging price bars. The formation suggests a potential breakout and continuation of the prior upward momentum.

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While SHIB has experienced a downtrend since reaching $0.000045 in March, the pennant pattern signifies a possible reversal. The converging price bars within the pennant indicate a potential pause before a price increase.

Analyst Projects Price Target and Short-Term Gains

Davie acknowledges his previous underestimation of SHIB’s potential and emphasizes the promising short-term outlook based on the pennant formation. He projects a price target exceeding $0.00005 upon a resurgence of bullish momentum. Considering Shib’s current price of $0.00002476, this target translates to a potential 102% increase in the short term.

Room for Higher Price Targets?

The bullish sentiment surrounding SHIB extends beyond Davie’s analysis. Bunny Boy reacting to Davie’s analysis proposes an even more substantial price increase of 600% within the next three weeks. This prediction draws inspiration from SHIB’s rapid growth during its first bullish phase, where the price surged by 373% in less than ten days between late February and early March.

Notably, Davie isn’t the sole analyst recognizing the bullish pennant. Market analyst Eunice Wong also identified the pattern a few weeks ago, albeit with a more conservative target of $0.000125, representing a potential 409% increase.

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Current Market Status and Past Performance

According to data from CoinMarketCap, SHIB currently trades at $0.00002476, reflecting a slight decrease of 1.5% over the last day. However, it’s important to consider the coin’s 6% gain within the past 48 hours, potentially influenced by the broader Bitcoin-driven market rally.


The identification of a bullish pennant formation on the SHIB chart has sparked renewed interest in the cryptocurrency. While analysts offer varying price targets, the underlying sentiment suggests potential for significant price appreciation in the near future. However, it’s crucial to remember that cryptocurrency markets are inherently volatile, and these predictions should not be treated as financial advice.

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