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Analyst Says SHIB Will Make Us Money, Sets Timeline For Cycle Peak

In a recent update, crypto analyst, Rafaela Rigo, included Shiba Inu (SHIB) in a list of 15 crypto assets with the potential to deliver significant profits for investors in the coming months. This list encompassed established players like Dogecoin (DOGE) alongside emerging projects.

Rigo’s rationale for including SHIB centers on its current price point, which she considers a crucial support level. This suggests an opportune moment for investors to accumulate SHIB in anticipation of a price increase. Rigo projects a potential cycle peak for SHIB and other listed assets, by February 25, 2025.

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SHIB’s Track Record and Community Sentiment

Rigo’s confidence in SHIB’s potential aligns with a broader sentiment within the crypto community. Many analysts have encouraged investors to capitalize on SHIB’s current price, believing it presents a valuable entry point.

This optimism stems, in part, from SHIB’s past performance. Investors who purchased SHIB in late February, when its price held five leading zeros, have witnessed significant returns despite subsequent price corrections.

While the community anticipates a resurgence in SHIB’s value, Bitcoin’s price movements have demonstrably influenced SHIB’s trajectory.

Analyst Predictions and Potential Price Targets

While Rigo’s recent update gave a long-term price target for SHIB (February 2025),  a previous analysis included a chart indicating a potential near-term surge to $0.00004988.

This suggests a more ambitious target for SHIB in the coming months compared to the February 2025 timeframe. Consequently, investors accumulating SHIB at its current price (around $0.00002) could potentially see profits in the short term.

Confirmation from Other Analysts

Rigo’s positive outlook on SHIB is corroborated by analyst SHIB Knight. Knight’s analysis, based on weekly candle patterns, identifies SHIB as being within a buying zone. While Knight acknowledges the possibility of a further price dip, such a decline is often viewed as an opportunity for strategic accumulation by investors with a long-term perspective.

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Investor Takeaways

The combined analyses from Rigo and Knight suggest that SHIB’s current price point offers a potential entry opportunity for investors seeking to capitalize on the cryptocurrency’s anticipated growth. While short-term price fluctuations are inherent to the crypto market, both analysts project a bullish outlook for SHIB in the coming months and beyond.

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