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Terra Classic (LUNC) To Be Supported on TerraForm Labs Interchain Station

According to a key developer at Do Kwon’s TerraForm Labs, Jared, Terra Classic (LUNC) will be integrated into Terra’s new wallet — the Interchain Station.

Jared of TFL noted specifically that LUNC along with Osmosis, Juno, SEI, Carbon, and a bonus chain has been integrated into the Station repo. The developer added that Interchain support for Terra Classic will be launched on December 12. 

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He wrote on Tuesday, “integrating today into Station repo: Lunc, Osmosis, Juno, SEI, Carbon plus a bonus chain, which will be announced later this week. We are launching interchain support roughly 48hrs from this tweet. After this initial launch, chain integrations will be on a rolling basis.”

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This compatibility update between LUNC and the impending Interchain Station has sparked much interest from the Terra Classic community. This is so because Jared said earlier that Terra Classic will not be compatible with the Interchain Station except the project modifies its prefix. 

The TFL developer further encouraged the Terra Classic community to strive to attain independence from TerraForm Labs’ infrastructure, highlighting the associated advantages and benefits to LUNC. More so, Jared added that the TFL is willing to exit direct support for the Terra Classic chain when it becomes fully independent of TFL’s infrastructure. 

So this update from the liaison man between TFL and the LUNC community comes at a time when the Terra Classic developer group, Terra Rebels, abandoned TFL’s infrastructure to develop an independent LUNC wallet dubbed Rebel Station. 

To build Rebel Station, the independent LUNC dev group Terra Rebels submitted a controversial proposal that passed and they eventually received a funding sum of $150,000. 

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The last update regarding Rebel Station from the TR group was on December 20. Since no further updates have been received from the group, coupled with the perceived misappropriation of the allocated funds, LUNC community members demanded a refund of the $150,000 from Terra Rebels, which has not been done. More so, the TR scam allegations negatively impacted Binance’s LUNC burn support.

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