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Terra Rebels Could Face Legal Action As LUNC Community Demands Refund of $150,000: Details

The independent Terra Classic development team Terra Rebels are at risk of litigation because of the mismanagement of the funds received from the community pool as their proposal to separate Rebel Station from TerraForm Labs infrastructure passed.

Though the LUNC community Proposal 11030 was highly controversial, more validators on the network gave their support, and subsequently, a funding fee of 937,500,000 LUNC amounting to $150,000 at the time of issuance was sent to the Terra Rebels group. 

Considering that the development team failed to clearly state how the funds would be utilized to execute the Rebel Station restructuring project but rather shared it among a few team members, LUNCDAO, one of the popular LUNC validators, TerraCVita, and other community members called out Terra Rebels for scamming the Terra Classic community. It is worth noting that the TR group reportedly removed and blocked members who did not support their vague plans. 

Notably, the competing LUNC development team, TerraCVita said the amount given to the TR team was a waste of resources, adding the project could be completed in a few days by a single developer instead of the two-month time frame submitted by the TR team. 

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LUNC Community Demand $150,000 Refund From Terra Rebels

As the matter continues to heat up and given that the Terra Rebels group has neither made any factual comments nor shown justifiable proof of work, the LUNC community in recent comments is demanding a complete refund of the $150,000 allocated to them weeks ago. The LUNCDAO Twitter handle wrote, “TR’s ex-legal calling out the scam. Clan, Vegas, and the TR scam squad think the LUNC Community is dumb. Since stealing $150K, all they’ve done is ban/block people asking questions, write obfuscating BS and play the victim. The Community only wants 1 thing: their money back now.”

“Terra Rebels must stop all work on Rebel Station and return the $150K now. LUNC community has made their voice clear if TR doesn’t comply they are admitting to being Rutgers,” a community member and social media influencer named Crypto King also tweeted

Likewise, an inactive Terra Rebels Communication Director with the alias PSX_TX took to Twitter on Christmas day to further expose the fraudulent act shown by the independent development team. As a result of his internal investigation exercise, he revealed to the Terra Rebels that they have committed 4 crimes against the LUNC community and all members of the group are at risk of facing litigation if no refund is made to the community pool.


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According to the whistleblower, the crimes committed by the dev group Terra Rebels include investor fraud, community fraud (false advertising), money laundering, wire fraud, and embezzlement. PSX_TX concluded that members of Terra Classic residing in the United States could file a class action against the Terra Rebels and all those who voted, signed, supported, and/or accepted money from the 937.5 million handed out at the passing of the Rebel Station restructuring proposal.

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