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Terra Classic (LUNC) Independence Would Come with Major Benefits, Terraform Labs Staff Says

In a recent discussion, a top developer in the LUNA 2.0 ecosystem noted that being independent of Do Kwon’s TerraForm Labs would bring huge advantages to the LUNC ecosystem. More so, Jared added that the TFL is willing to exit direct support for the Terra Classic chain when it becomes fully independent of TFL’s infrastructure.

The Terra Classic community is currently depending on the TFL for full functionality. Meanwhile, the TFL team disclosed that LUNC would not be supported in their upcoming Interchain Station. On these grounds, the top TFL staff has given the Terra Classic community reasons to pursue independence. 

Jared said, “there are major benefits to the classic community for becoming independent from TFL in infra, user Ul, and tooling.” In his words, when the Terra Classic community finally develops a robust infrastructure, and there is parity of product features, the TFL would exit direct support for the embattled blockchain. The TFL team is not the best people to develop features for the Terra Classic community, he also remarked.

Per the update shared by the pseudonymous LUNC validator Classy Crypto, Jared also outlined the immediate issues facing LUNC on Terra Station. He also stated the long-term problems Terra Classic users would experience on the planned new LUNA 2.0 wallet named Interchain Station. 

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According to the TFL staff, “Terra Classic infrastructure is unstable following core version 1.0.4. Allnodes provides a backup infrastructure, but it does not support all station functions. When only some functions are available, it is likely we are using Allnodes temporarily.” 

As indicated by Jared, Terra Station has some issues regarding LUNC staking and rewards withdrawal. To this end, the independent developer teams Terra Rebels, Allnodes, and TerracVita are all working on their distinct infrastructure solutions to halt the intermittent problems relating to staking and withdrawals. “We [TFL] are sharing information with these teams as transparently and quickly as possible,” Jared noted. 

Recall that the TFL team is developing a new wallet dubbed Interchain Station which would co-exist with the legacy version Terra Station. As confirmed by Jared, Terra Classic will not be supported on the Interchain Station. Instead, the TFL plans to provide a clone of the Terra Station which LUNC users can continue to use. 

In stating why the new TFL wallet would not support LUNC, Jared wrote, “Interchain Station in its current form requires all chains to have a unique bech32 address. Phoenix and Columbus (Terra, and Terra Classic) share the same address. This means Interchain Station will lose funds when routing IBC transfers if we include both chains.”

“Changing the bech32 address has not been attempted before in Cosmos, and comes with its own risks. As classic developers work on solutions for bech32, we are working on routing solutions for IBC. This issue isn’t dead, but there is no solution at the moment,” he added. 


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Owing to this, Terra Rebels, the team working toward the revitalization of Terra Classic abandoned TFL’s Terra Station and began the development of a separate wallet for LUNC as they pursue independence.

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