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Terra Classic (LUNC) Defeats Bitcoin (BTC) in the Binance Showdown Contest

Terra Classic (LUNC) came out as the winner in the just-concluded Community Showdown contest hosted on Twitter by Binance, the world’s largest digital assets exchange. This goes further to show that support for LUNC remains high, despite the predicament the project experienced in early 2022.

Some weeks ago, Binance rolled out a hashtag competition on Twitter to ascertain crypto projects with the highest community strength. The rule was to use the word Binance jointly with the ticker of the crypto project a user supports.

Many crypto communities including Terra Classic (LUNC), Bitcoin (BTC), eCash, and many others participated. 

Eventually, the Terra Classic community stole the show as BinanceLUNC got more hashtag mentions than every other competitor, during the stipulated period of the Community Showdown contest.

Per the Monday announcement by Binance, the hashtag BinanceLUNC was used 36,000 times while BinanceBTC was hashtagged 17,600 times only. The eCash community emerged in 3rd position considering that the hashtag BinanceXEC was mentioned 6,900 times. 

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Disputes in the Terra Classic (LUNC) Community 

The above-mentioned feat was recorded for LUNC amid enduring controversies in the Terra Classic community. It is worth noting that there is still a conflict of ideas among developers in the community, regarding the handling of the non-Terra assets discovered in an Ethereum multisig wallet. 

While some devs recommended that the funds should be managed off-chain and a part used to pay developers, some opined that the funds be channeled to the community pool.

More so, another community member, Vegas proposed that the funds should be distributed via on-chain governance voting. While Alex Forshaw suggested that all the non-Terra assets, alongside the USTC associated with the multisig wallet, be converted to LUNC and burned. 

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In another recent episode regarding the Terra Casino project, Rex Harrison (RexYellerBelly on Twitter), a former member of Terra Rebels, was accused of stealing the LUNC casino code from the original engineers. Rex announced the launch of TerraCasino.io in partnership with OWLDAO on Saturday and this has also caused a lot of commotion in the LUNC community.

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