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Terra Classic (LUNC) Community Can Now Use Terra Station Optimally

The collaborative effort of TerraForm Labs and Terra Classic Joint L1 Task Force made this pivotal and welcomed development in the LUNC community possible. 

LUNC proponents and holders can now enjoy all the functionalities and have a seamless experience on Terra Station — the official wallet application of the proof-of-stake Terra blockchain including transfer and withdrawal. 

As per an update shared by a top validator on the Terra Classic network LUNC Nymph, all the pressing issues with Terra Station have been rectified. 

“…Terra Station has recovered fully,” he wrote, hailing two top developers in the Terra blockchain community — Jared of TerraForm Labs and Tobias Andersen of the LUNC L1 Task Force. 

To show that transfer of LUNC assets from the wallet application is now working properly, the top validator shared a shot where he moved 500 Terra Classic tokens out of Terra Station to another address. 

Reacting to the tweet, Tobias Andersen noted that the updating work was a tough one given that Terra Station is a decentralized and open-source solution. However, he stressed that Jared of TerraForm Labs did most of the work.

He wrote, “This was all Jared_TFL. We just provided some PRs, but the hard work was performed in his end. Updating distributed systems is not easy and it takes time and patience, especially in a decentralized/open-source setting. We should all be thankful and show more patience.”

Notably, there have been several issues regarding staking rewards withdrawal and transaction fetching in the past months on Terra Station. With the independent LUNC wallet dubbed Rebel Station yet to be deployed, these issues with Terra Station highly inconvenienced users that held LUNC on the wallet application. 

But Jared, a senior developer at TerraForm Labs who has been very supportive of the Terra Classic community encouraged that the issue would be fixed. Therefore, this development is a fulfillment of his earlier commitment. Accordingly, he received lots of appreciation from the hopeful community. 

Recall that the TFL staff also noted that the Terra 2.0 team is in the process of developing a new wallet — Interchain Station — that may not support Terra Classic (LUNC) except the project name is rebranded. 

This triggered the LUNC community to allocate a whopping $150,000 to the independent development group Terra Rebels to build an autonomous LUNC wallet labeled Rebel Station. 


In a disappointing turn of events, Terra Rebels misappropriated these funds, causing the LUNC community to demand a refund. Amid all of this saga, the group recently reported that Rebel Station is in the pre-production phase.

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