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Terra Classic Launches Proposal To Bring Six Samurai Team to Revive the Battered Chain

The Terra Classic community is facing challenges with the LUNC chain and its decentralized exchange, Astroport Classic. In a groundbreaking proposal, the community is now considering seeking the help of the renowned Six Samurai team, a group of anonymous developers, to tackle these technical issues head-on.

Supporters of the proposal argue that the current developer team, known as the L1 Task Force, requires additional expertise to revive the struggling chain. The proposal acknowledges the non-functional Astroport Classic DEX as evidence of the L1 Team’s limitations.

Following a recent network upgrade, approximately $700,000 worth of liquidity became inaccessible, greatly hindering trading for Terra Classic users.

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Astroport is vital to Terra Classic as it serves as the major source of on-chain liquidity. Its persistent issues over the past 90 days have underscored the overwhelming workload faced by the L1 Team.

The proposal read in part:

“The L1 team alone isn’t going to be able to revive this chain. The last 3 quarters have demonstrated that – the workload is simply too large and expansive. We need new devs to come aboard and help.

“These new devs must be mandated to respect the community while remaining transparent in their dealings with the chain and its investors. Fixing Astroport is vitally important, but even more important is the team’s overall commitment to LUNC and their respect toward all its (retail) holders”

Notably, the proposal clarifies that the intention behind involving the Samurai team is not to replace the L1 Task Force, but to rather complement their efforts in reviving the battered chain. The Samurai team would provide their expertise to address the current challenges without seeking any financial compensation.

Is the Samurai Team the Solution to LUNC’s Struggles?

The Samurai Team, led by esteemed developers Bilbo Baggins and Solid Snake, has gained popularity within the Terra Classic community for its technical capabilities. Previously, the team was unsuccessful in its bid to become the official L1/L2 Task Force.

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The current proposal outlines a spending plan of $116,000 for the Samurai team to work part-time on resolving the technical issues plaguing the LUNC chain. This proposal, however, had initially failed to gain community support due to concerns about its cost and the team’s anonymity. Critics argued that the team lacked transparency, making them an untrustworthy choice to shape the chain’s future.


Nevertheless, the renewed interest in the Samurai team signifies a potential comeback for the group. If given the opportunity, they could address some of the imminent challenges faced by LUNC users.

Moreover, this partnership could lay the groundwork for the Samurai team to be elected as the leading Task Force group for the upcoming quarter or foster collaboration between the current L1 team and the Samurai team to rebuild the network.

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