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Terra Classic L1 Development Team Completes Q1 Targets Early Amid Core Member Resignation

ĪThe LUNC Joint L1 Task Force group managed by the pseudonymous user with the Twitter handle LuncBurnArmy user is set to onboard more value-adding developments to boost the growth of the Terra Classic blockchain and its native token, LUNC.

As revealed in a Tuesday tweet, the independent LUNC development team has implemented all plans they had on their sleeves for the Q1 of 2023. As shown by the team, they are ahead of their schedule for the first quarter of the year. More so, they intend to introduce and begin work on more forward-looking agendas as they gear toward revitalizing the fallen LUNC project. 

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The L1 Joint Task Force project manager wrote, “Planning session has been completed, and work on all sprint 2 items has started. The L1 Team is currently ahead of schedule for Q1 deliverables and will be looking to potentially add some value-add items to start working on by the end of the quarter.”

At the bottom of this exciting update came a concern-sparking occurrence. Jacob Gadikan, a top contributor in the L1 Development Team who is a Cosmos developer, announced his resignation from the L1 group earlier today, citing multiple reasons related to Tobias Andersen. As stated by him, Tobias Andersen (AKA), another core developer in the LUNC community possesses a threatening belief related to the practices of Allnodes, a top validator on the Terra Classic network.

He said, “Given that Allnodes has such power in LUNC, and Tobias Zaradar feels that there’s no issue with Allnodes practices, and seems not to understand tendermint consensus, I’m winding down involvement in the layer one group until working in it isn’t pointless. Since our engagement is with the chain itself, I’m posting this as a matter of public record, keeping it a secret would be deeply inappropriate.”

According to him, Tobias does not understand how the Cosmos blockchain, key safety, or consensus works. Among the many reasons he is moving away from the L1 Development Team is because Tobias said that the Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) channels which he helped reopen are not secure. “IBC is the only major bridge solution that hasn’t been penetrated,” Gadikan noted.

“Thus, it is my finding that we can no longer participate in the L1 group, due to the inherent danger of working with anyone so misinformed, and convinced of their correctness,” he concluded. 

In response, Tobias wrote, “AllNodes having 40% voting power is NOT a problem.  Please understand that POS networks were built with regulation in mind, which means they will always be subject to censorship. If you want no censorship, invest in POW.” He added that his comments were just his opinions as he is not linked to Allnodes in any way. 


While some LUNC community members view this recent development as a potential setback to the growth of the Terra Classic (LUNC), the L1 Development Team project manager noted that “the L1 team remains on-track and on-schedule to deliver on the milestone targets set for Q1.”

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