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Shiba Inu Team Tackles Shibarium Network FUD

Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, known publicly as Lucie, recently issued a statement on X, regarding concerns raised by some projects on the Shibarium layer-2 network.

These projects have expressed dissatisfaction with the support received from the Shiba Inu team, particularly concerning development and user activity.

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Addressing FUD and Decentralization Principles

Lucie’s statement directly addressed messages critical of Shibarium. One such message claimed the team offered “no support” and labeled Shibarium a “dead blockchain.”

Lucie countered by emphasizing the core principle of decentralization: projects operate independently, and the Shiba Inu team is not a central authority responsible for individual project success.

“This is decentralisation in action,” Lucie asserted. “No one owes you anything. Success hinges on your own efforts – building, promoting, and continuously striving for improvement. If your project is of value, the community will recognize it.” Lucie confirmed receiving numerous FUD messages and screenshots, firmly denying their claims.

Building Success in a Decentralised Ecosystem

Lucie elaborated by highlighting the importance of self-reliance within the decentralized landscape. Projects have the opportunity to leverage existing liquidity bridges for seamless integration with Shibarium.

Lucie referenced the success achieved by SHIB through persistent development and a refusal to be ignored by the cryptocurrency world. This path, she noted, requires dedication and perseverance, with some projects inevitably facing setbacks.

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She further offered clear direction for new projects within the Shibarium ecosystem. “Focus on building something exceptional,” she urged. “Strive to be so compelling that integration with Shibarium becomes a natural and desirable choice for users.” She emphasized the need for proactive engagement and product development, contrasting it with the unproductive practice of spreading negativity.


The Shiba Inu team, through Lucie’s statement, seeks to foster a collaborative environment within Shibarium. By prioritizing innovation and self-driven project development, the network can flourish and attract the contribution of valuable projects for its overall success.

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