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Ripple CTO States Why It’s Nearly Impossible To Avoid Selling XRP

Recent statements by David Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer at Ripple Labs, have sparked discussions within the XRP community regarding the practicality of holding XRP for long-term investment.

Challenges of Holding XRP: Tax Implications and Sales

Schwartz acknowledged the difficulty of holding XRP due to tax considerations. He pointed out that even those who wish to hold the crypto asset may be forced to sell a portion to cover tax liabilities.

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For example, if Schwartz himself were to receive a bonus of 1 million tokens from Ripple, his high marginal tax rate would necessitate selling a significant amount of XRP to pay taxes. This emphasizes the potential tax burden associated with receiving the digital asset as compensation.

Furthermore, Schwartz explained that even basic actions like adding XRP to an Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool involve an implicit sale.

In AMMs, users contribute crypto assets to a liquidity pool, where they are paired with another asset for trading. Ripple CTO explained that contributing XRP to an AMM pool essentially requires selling half of the XRP to provide the other half of the trading pair.

Developer Departure Cites Leadership Concerns

These comments by Schwartz come amid the recent departure of Dev Null Productions, a prominent developer within the XRP community. After six years of contributions, Dev Null announced their decision to leave, citing a loss of faith in Ripple’s leadership and the XRP Ledger Foundation (XRPLF).

Dev Null specifically criticized the leadership’s decision to sell XRP, which they believe prioritizes short-term gain over the interests of long-term holders.

Additionally, they accused the XRPLF of focusing on personal objectives rather than the broader XRP community. For these reasons, Dev Null will discontinue its XRP-related projects, including Ledger City.

The developer’s departure underscores the concerns raised by Schwartz. Both issues highlight potential challenges for individuals and projects considering long-term investment in XRP.


Uncertainties Remain for XRP Investors

The combined effect of Schwartz’s comments and Dev Null’s departure has created uncertainty for XRP investors. The tax implications of holding XRP and the potential limitations associated with using it within DeFi protocols raise questions about its long-term usability.

While the future of XRP remains to be seen, these developments highlight the importance of careful consideration for those contemplating investment in this digital asset. Investors should thoroughly evaluate their risk tolerance, tax situation, and investment goals before making decisions.

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