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Paradox Studios Founder Says Solana Will Beat Ethereum in Web3 Gaming This Year, Shares Reasons

AmioTalio, the CEO and founder of Paradox Studios, has claimed that Solana (SOL), a public blockchain platform with smart contract functionality, will beat Ethereum (ETH), the largest smart contracts platform in Web3 gaming this year.

Why AmioTalio Thinks Solana will Outperform Flip Ethereum in Web3 Gaming

According to the report, Solana Ventures’ investment of up to $400 million to boost Web3 Gaming in the past 6 months is one of the major reasons for his claim.

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In the course of developing his own game, he had the opportunity to meet with game developers and engineers who are working in the blockchain game sector. He said he was able to find out how much easier it is to use Rust, a Solana’s building language, to make Earn 2 play games on Solana blockchain compared to Ethereum’s Solidity language.

AmioTalio also referenced the large Funding Solana has been paying out to developers, with the hope of bringing them from Ethereum to build on the Solana blockchain. He said this has become a well-known trend within the crypto industry.

Paradox Studios founder and CEO also said Solana has a list of games to launch in 2022, which would push the blockchain project ahead of others, including Ethereum (ETH), in the fast-growing sector.

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Moreover, he mentioned low costs and high transaction speed as factors that would make Solana become superior to Ethereum and others in the gaming sector.

AmioTalio noted:


“You have to understand 15 yr. olds right now are looking at crypto how we looked at the internet in the late 90s, young kids just play games it’s what they do outside of learning. They get addicted to games like Call of Duty or Fortnite, but they don’t have money to buy the new skins in Fortnite every week and not being able to keep up with the latest trends has the effect of making them feel they’re falling behind the social hype.”

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