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Over 25 Trillion BabyDoge Tokens Burned in 24 Hours as Total Burn Volume Hits 199.3 Quadrillion

The enthusiastic Baby DogeCoin (BabyDoge) community is aggressively reducing the total supply of their native meme token, as trillions of BabyDoge tokens are continuously burned daily. Simultaneously, the number of wallets holding BabyDoge is steadily increasing.

Massive BabyDoge Burn in 24 Hours

In the quest to drastically reduce and make scarce the Baby DogeCoin which was birthed by fans of the doge meme community, a huge amount of BabyDoge has been flushed out of circulation in the last 24 hours. 

According to data retrieved by Timestabloid from the BabyDogeBurn Twitter handle and Crypteye, a popular burn and whale tracking platform, BabyDoge tokens amounting to 25,119,024,763,405 have been destroyed in the past 24 hours, at the time of writing. 

Baby Dogecoin Burn

While these burns took place in several transactions, some hefty burn volumes per hour were reported by BabyDogeBurn on Twitter. In one of the updates where the largest burn volume per hour was recorded, approximately 14.96 trillion BabyDoge tokens were channeled to a dead wallet within one hour. At that time, the tokens were worth $19,585. 

The second-largest burn volume in a one-hour interval showed that approximately 4.89 trillion Babydoge worth around $6,633 were burned.

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In another update, 1.37 trillion units of the Baby Doge Coin worth approximately $1,808 were taken out of circulation within one hour. 

The burn tracker also showed that about 471 billion BabyDoge tokens worth $658 were sent to a dead wallet within one hour. Notably, in the last hour, more than 1.05 trillion Babydoge were burned worth about $1,269.


Accordingly, these and many more voluminous burns have resulted in the reduction of the hyperinflated BabyDoge total supply. Also, the number of wallets holding a portion of the meme token is on a steady rise.

At the time of writing, approximately 199.3 quadrillion Baby Doge Coins which equals 47.45% of its total supply (420 quadrillion) have been taken out of circulation, as revealed by Crypteye.

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