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BabyDoge Team Announces Launch Date of the Decentralized Exchange BabyDogeSwap

Baby DogeCoin tweeted on September 21 that the team intends to launch the BabyDoge Swap mainnet on October 5.


Unquestionably, Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) were the catalysts for the entire meme coin trend, but a few others have recently started to fall from fame. Baby Doge has recently made significant strides, garnering a lot of attention.

BabyDoge has been putting some work into BabyDogeSwap. The testnet was launched by the team on August 16, 2022. On the BNB chain, the testnet went live with users of MetaMask, and other popular wallets had access to it.

Baby Doge Coin Showcasing Increased Transaction Speeds and Adorableness

Developed by the dogecoin community, Baby Doge Coin “seeks to impress his father by showcasing his new increased transaction speeds and adorableness.” The group said on the token website that it had received donations totaling more than $750,000. The Humane Society, ASPCA, Paws with Cause, North Shore Animal League, and other dog-related charities are the recipients of the donations.

It was created as a hyper-deflationary token to become scarce over time. Each time they conduct a transaction, holders get more coins in their wallets, and some coins are also sent as part of a liquidity pair to the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.


Many think that BabyDoge differs from competing cryptocurrencies in certain important ways. There are over 115.114 quadrillions baby doge in circulation right now, and as of today, over 1 quadrillion coins worth $1.3 million have been burnt so far.

Dogecoin has an infinite supply, despite having a maximum supply of 420 quadrillion coins. One thing is certain, BabyDoge has a passionate community fostering the cryptocurrency’s growth.

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