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How Osmosis Fork Could Impact Terra Classic (LUNC) and USTC Prices

The Terra Classic (LUNC) community is abuzz with the latest developments. The spotlight is on the fork of the Osmosis test tube, a strategic move led by L1TF developer Vinh Nguyen.

This initiative is designed to tackle two significant challenges: enhancing Astroport’s functionality and facilitating the testing of the impending 800 million USTC burn. Could this be the catalyst to propel LUNC and USTC prices?

Whale Alert

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The fork is a two-pronged solution. Its first objective is to address the fixes implemented on Astroport last month, ensuring smoother operations and drawing more users to the liquidity protocol. The second goal is to pave the way for crucial testing of the 800 million USTC burn contract migration. If successful, this massive burn could have a substantial impact on USTC’s recovery.

Empowering Developers, Building Community Confidence

The fork isn’t just about immediate fixes, it’s also a valuable tool for developers. By forking the test tube, they can conduct comprehensive integration tests for CosmWasm contracts and inter-contract interactions. This leads to more secure and robust smart contracts, ultimately benefiting the entire Terra Classic ecosystem.

Investor Sentiment For Terra Classic (LUNC)

The community is bullish on the fork’s potential impact on LUNC prices, with some predicting it could surpass $0.0002 soon. Despite LUNC’s current sideways movement, it has seen a 7% weekly increase.

USTC, on the other hand, is showing a positive response to the burn testing. It’s currently trading at $0.0268 with increased volume, indicating growing investor interest.

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While the fork and upcoming burn offer promising possibilities, it’s essential to maintain a balanced perspective. The crypto market is notoriously volatile, and success is not guaranteed. Moreover, the broader adoption of Terra Classic and its protocols is crucial for long-term sustainability.


The Terra Classic community is actively engaged in development activities and staking, demonstrating their commitment to the project’s future. While the fork and burn are positive steps, it’s important to remember that sustained success requires continued community support, development efforts, and wider market acceptance. Only then can LUNC and USTC truly reach their full potential.

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