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How Man Missed Out of Making $108,000 In SHIB Profit With $19 Investment

Kwame Opoku, an African investor and global business speaker, recently shared his experience selling Shiba Inu (SHIB) too early – a decision that cost him a potential $108,000 in profits. Opoku aims to encourage wise profit-taking strategies among new market participants during the current bull run.

Kwame Opoku’s Experience

Opoku’s initial investment in Shiba Inu occurred in November 2020, just two months after the asset’s launch. He discovered SHIB through commentary surrounding Elon Musk’s initial Dogecoin (DOGE) post. After learning about SHIB, Opoku became increasingly intrigued. The token’s extremely low price of $0.00000000005636 in November 2020, was a key factor in his interest.

Despite high gas fees on the Ethereum network and SHIB’s limited availability on Uniswap, Opoku decided to purchase $19 worth of the token, after paying $17 in gas fees. This investment yielded over one billion SHIB tokens.

Regrettably, Opoku liquidated his Shiba Inu holdings when their value reached $507. He later realized the potential of his investment. Selling at SHIB’s peak price of $0.00008616 could have earned him a staggering $108,000. Opoku’s experience emphasizes the critical importance of thoughtful profit-taking.

Market Projections and Advice

Opoku also highlights the immense growth of the cryptocurrency market, which surpassed $3 trillion in the previous cycle. He believes that a market capitalization of $10 trillion is achievable in the current cycle, fueled by the increasing presence of institutional investment vehicles such as ETFs.

With this in mind, Opoku firmly advises new market entrants. Hee said “Do whatever it takes to starve yourself of any demon wey go convince you to sell too early, at least wait for BTC to clock a new ATH, let AltSeason come first before you sell!”

Shared Experiences

A user on X with the handle “dyor_specialist” shared an experience with similar regret, having prematurely sold one billion SHIB tokens for $3,500 – a holding that had the potential to reach $88,000 in value. These accounts are not isolated incidents; numerous individuals have reported selling Shiba Inu too early, missing substantial gains.


The stories of Kwame Opoku and others serve as valuable reminders of the importance of well-informed investment strategies, particularly about profit-taking. While cryptocurrency markets offer incredible potential, it’s vital to approach investments with long-term vision and strategic timing.

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Solomon Odunayo
Solomon Odunayo
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