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Elon Musk’s Recent Post Sparks Bullish Integration Request From XRP Army

A recent post from Elon Musk has confirmed another massive upcoming feature for X, his social media platform. Musk’s post also riled up the XRP community, as they’re questioning when Musk, who has been vocal about his support for cryptocurrencies, will implement XRP and crypto trading on his platform.

Musk posted “Coming Soon” in response to another user’s post sharing the news that X will soon let people watch long-form videos on smart TVs. This brief exchange drew the attention of XRPcryptowolf (@XRPcryptowolf), a strong XRP advocate and prominent member of the XRP army.

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Crypto Trading on X

XRPcryptowolf jokingly asked, “When are XRP and crypto payments coming to Twitter X?” This post follows the pattern of XRP community members trying to get Musk’s attention. In late February, XRPcryptowolf made a similar post, asking Musk what Grok, the billionaire’s AI-powered chatbot, thinks about XRP.

However, Musk has yet to provide official confirmation regarding the potential introduction of crypto functionalities. While there is a strong undercurrent of support for crypto integration on X, there has been no official confirmation from the company.

The launch of a dedicated payments account on X in January 2024 also increased speculation of crypto integration, but that has not been confirmed.

Despite the lack of official announcements, some crypto enthusiasts remain optimistic. They point to Musk’s well-documented interest in cryptocurrencies, particularly Dogecoin (DOGE).

Tesla, another company under Musk’s leadership, currently accepts DOGE as a payment method for certain merchandise. This, along with X’s recent foray into in-app payments, leads some to believe that crypto integration could be a future possibility.

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Can Elon Musk Implement Crypto Trading?

While the prospect of crypto payments on X is intriguing, it’s not guaranteed. Several factors could influence this decision, including regulatory considerations and the broader market adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, regulatory concerns may not be a big problem anymore, as a legal expert believes the SEC will not appeal Judge Torres’ ruling on XRP’s security status.


For now, X’s confirmed focus seems to be on expanding its media consumption capabilities. The upcoming introduction of long-form video playback suggests a strategic shift towards becoming a more comprehensive entertainment platform and competing with other platforms like YouTube.

The calls for crypto support on X started long ago. In early February, XRPcryptowolf asked a similar question in response to Musk’s promise to implement audio/video calls on X and discontinue his phone number.

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