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Elon Musk’s Recent Post Sparks Query about XRP from XRP Army

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and crypto supporter, recently posted on X, his social media platform, about the importance of his company’s AI program, Grok, emphasizing its rapid development and its pursuit of truth regardless of criticism.

This post sparked a humorous response from XRPcryptowolf (@XRPcryptowolf), a prominent member of the XRP community, who queried Grok’s opinion on XRP.

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While the query was undoubtedly lighthearted, it highlights the ongoing interest and speculation surrounding XRP within the cryptocurrency community. The digital token has experienced a turbulent journey, marked by periods of significant growth followed by corrections and almost unparalleled regulatory scrutiny in the United States.

Although some have lost faith in XRP, many in the community remain dedicated and vocally support the cryptocurrency, waiting for it to reclaim its former heights.

Potential Reasons for the XRP Army’s Response

Musk’s tweet, though not directly related to XRP, resonated with the community members due to its emphasis on truth-seeking and resilience in the face of criticism. This aligns with the community’s narrative, which often positions the digital asset as a misunderstood and undervalued asset facing resistance from powerful institutions like the SEC.

A recent analysis of the fair market value of XRP showed that the digital asset is grossly undervalued, and the community is holding out hope that the token designed for cross-border payments will soon trade at its true value.

The XRP community’s response also reflects the ongoing efforts to raise awareness for XRP. By drawing a connection between Musk’s tweet and XRP, XRPcryptowolf likely aimed to leverage Musk’s influence to boost the price of the cryptocurrency.

While the question posed was lighthearted, it underscores the underlying sentiment within the XRP community: a desire for wider recognition and acceptance of XRP’s potential. Luckily for the community, those outside are beginning to see the digital asset’s immense potential, as a prominent Bitcoin trader recently made a massive investment in XRP.

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Musk’s post, while not directly related to XRP, has gotten the community’s attention because of the ongoing efforts within the community to gain wider recognition and acceptance for the crypto.


If the XRP community can get Musk’s attention, the embattled digital token could enjoy similar exposure leveraged by Dogecoin (DOGE). It’s worth noting that DOGE experienced massive surges over the years and became one of the top cryptocurrencies thanks to Musk’s publicity.

Although Musk is yet to speak on XRP, Grok recently weighed in on the cryptocurrency, highlighting times that Ripple executives discussed XRP as a global reserve currency.

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