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Charles Hoskinson Explains Why Staking 70% of ADA Is Good For the Future of Cardano

Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG), who created Cardano (ADA), has stressed how staking the largest percentage of ADA total supply is good for the future of Cardano.

Hoskinson explained the advantage in a surprise AMA session conducted on 1st August 2021. He said Cardano has a lot of qualities compared to its competitors that bond their staked tokens, locking them up in the process. He said Cardano (ADA) remains liquid even though it’s staked.

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Below are some of the questions and Charles Hoskinson’s responses:

Charles, do you think the fact that 70% of ADA being staked is good for the future of Cardano?

“I’d prefer 100%. One of the cool things about Cardano unlike some of its competitors is that when you stake ADA, you don’t bond it, so it doesn’t get locked, it’s liquid even though it’s staked. You can move it around at any time. And the higher that number goes, the better for the security.”

Will Djed be pegged to the US Dollar or something else?

“That pegging target could be USD, could be Euro, SDR. Could be whatever you want.”

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What is the single best global benefit of cryptocurrency?

“Putting you in control of your financial and economic life.”

What subjects do you feel are the most important to learn?

“I’m firmly convinced that the most important thing to learn is learning how to learn.”

What makes you feel joy?

“Well, it’s you guys. I love the work I do, I love the people I interact with. I have a lot of great friends and family.”

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Do you hire political scientists to help with Cardano governance structure?



Do you ever stop and think “I changed the world”?

“No no no, because I don’t know yet. It’s the world to tell me that I changed it. I’m certainly a contributor to an industry that seems like it has the potential to change the world.”

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