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Cardano-Based DEX SundaeSwap to Launch on Mainnet Soon. What to Expect After Launch

SundaeSwap, the Cardano-based decentralized exchange (DEX), is preparing to launch on mainnet. The team behind the project has hinted at the Cardano community of a very exciting announcement in the next few days.

In a blog post published a couple of hours ago, the SundaeSwap team stated that during their testnet launch event, a large backlog in processing user actions was noticed, which was partially due to continued improvements to the Scooper order batching program but was more due to the current maximum throughput parameters of the Cardano blockchain.

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Although the team admitted that the congestion could impact the user experience negatively, they stated that it is a sign of the Cardano network performing as expected by gradually applying backpressure.

SundaeSwap team noted:

“During our testnet event, the team noticed a large backlog in processing user actions. This was partially due to continued improvements to the Scooper order batching program, but was more due to the current maximum throughput parameters of the Cardano blockchain.

“While this is likely to negatively impact the user experience, the congestion is a sign of the Cardano network operating as intended by gradually applying backpressure. This created natural queues so that the Cardano network could absorb this load without crashing or decreasing the security of the ledger.”

As part of their ongoing discussions with Input Output Global (IOG), the firm behind the development of Cardano (ADA), over protocol parameters, a mainnet load test was conducted on 18th December 2021.

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Below are the results of the load test:

“Over the course of this 40-minute load test, a single SundaeSwap Scooper performed 139 scoops (i.e., transactions which aggregate many user operations), which is approximately 3 scoops a minute. This is lower than the roughly 7 scoops per minute we saw on the testnet.

“Additionally, due to lower protocol parameters on the mainnet compared to testnet, these scoops on average aggregated 3 user operations each. This is lower than the 5 to 8 operations we observed during SundaeSwap’s operation on the testnet.”

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In the blog post, the team stated that as the SundaeSwap mainnet launch is fast approaching, it wouldn’t be easy to predict the load during the first week of operation. However, the team shared a few things that must be noted:

  1. There is a much lower barrier to entry compared to testnet; there’s no need to interact with a faucet, switch your wallet to testnet, etc.
  2. There is greater incentive to participate in the DEX to capitalize on its utility with real funds
  3. There is greater risk of participation since users are exposed to losses of real funds through trading activity
  4. The SundaeSwap DEX must share network bandwidth with other launching protocols, themselves driving additional network demand.

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Due to an increase in the level of demand and excitement from the Cardano community, the team also expects a large backlog on mainnet. However, they said all orders will be fairly processed according to the order they were received.

The team added that orders can be canceled by users at any time before they are processed by the Scoopers.

They finally stated that the network congestion is not expected to last indefinitely, assuring that the network will eventually recover. The implementation of a series of improvements and enhancements planned by IOG to scale Cardano network capacity throughput in 2022 is expected to make things work as intended.

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