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Alpha Demo of Cardano-Based Game ‘Drunken Dragon: Inns’ To Launch on 20th December

As a report has it, the alpha demo of a Cardano-based game, Drunken Dragon, is set to launch on 20th December 2021. Drunken Dragon Games is a fantasy tavern management game with collectible furniture and adventurers.

The new development was shared some hours ago on Cardano subreddit by a community member identified as ProteinFolding420.

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Alpha Demo of Cardano-Based Game'Drunken Dragon: Inns' To Launch on 20th December
Courtesy of Cardano Subreddit

Reacting to the update, a curious Cardano community member asked, “…will there be a royalty structure or payout to any of the NFT holders or grandmaster adventurer holders?”

In response, ProteinFolding420 said, This project is trying it’s best to steer away from p2e and p2w mechanics so not at this stage. If you are interested in this project as an investment then please dyor on the value of the items and consider them as rare collectibles (like pokemon cards) rather than a royalty thing.”

Another Cardano community member who is interested in the innovation asked, “Do you plan to launch an iOS app so we can play the game anywhere? I would love that!”

ProteinFolding420 responded, “The developers want as many people playing as possible with no barriers to entry for anyone! After a PC release, they will work on mobile platforms.”

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The Game Will Be Available As a DApp on Cardano

As the report stated, the game will be ultimately available as a decentralized application (DApp) on the Cardano blockchain. However, the demo that will launch on 20th December will be available on browser.

It’s also emphasized that the game will not affect users’ delegation by sending/receiving the digital token ADA from a staked wallet. All that changes, according to ProteinFolding420, is the amount staked, much like fiat in a bank account.

How The Game’s Developers Deal with Transaction Fees

According to the update, F2p players can use custodial wallets managed centrally by the team. So, it’s possible for novice players not to realize that it’s a crypto-based game.


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ProteinFolding420 added that If these f2p players are having fun and wish to take ownership over their assets after learning about blockchain tech, they are free to move them out of their custodial wallet into their own personal wallet which would then cost fees.”

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