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Bigger Entertainment Set to Burn 194.9 Million SHIB on Valentine’s Day; Plans 1.3 Billion SHIB Burn per Month

Bigger Entertainment, the crypto record label, which sells SHIB-themed merch and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and leads the SHIB-burn initiative, continues to increase its Shiba Inu burn pot for the burn party slated for 14th February 2022.

As of 9th February, the amount of SHIB to be destroyed during the event on Valentine’s Day is totaled 194,923,114 tokens. As estimated on the official website, the firm has burned 1,112,734,541 SHIB so far.

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How the Number of SHIB Tokens to Burn Grows

The amount of Shiba Inu tokens to destroy gradually grows as people listen to playlists on Bigger Entertainment’s official website, play games, and just contribute by purchasing a burn subscription for $5.

According to the recent tweet by the company founder, Steven Cooper, the firm needs to raise another $6,000 to make the coming burn party the biggest they have had yet. At the previous burn party on 26th December, the company sent slightly over 239.6 million SHIB to a dead wallet.

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Bigger Entertainment Plans to Burn 1.3 Billion SHIB per Month

According to a video recently published on YouTube by Bigger Entertainment founder Steven Cooper, the firm is working on increasing its monthly SHIB burn rate to a whopping 1.3 billion tokens worth around $10,000 at current prices.

Cooper pointed out that the team is planning to achieve this with three tools, including YouTube videos, playlists, and gaming.

The entrepreneur reminded the Shiba Inu community that his company is not the only team in the SHIB Army that regularly burns tokens. This makes him believe that the SHIB circulating supply will keep reducing in the quest to aid the token’s price growth.

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Cooper once stated that the goal of the continued SHIB burn is to aid its long-term price surge up to $0.01.


Steven Cooper tweeted, “Our goal isn’t for shib holders to always burn their coins. Our goal is to spread music, YouTube vids, merch, NFT’s, etc to audiences outside of shib army. This is how we reach a .01. By building an ecosystem where people are burning w/o even knowing it. Through entertainment.

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