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Bigger Entertainment Founder: Shiba Inu Burning Initiative Would Drive SHIB Price Up To $0.01

Steven Cooper, the founder of Bigger Entertainment, the firm that currently leads the Shiba Inu burning initiative, has said in a tweet on 30th January that the SHIB burning spree would drive its price up to $0.01.

In the tweet, Cooper stated that SHIB holders can be burning SHIB tokens without even knowing it. He said this can be done by sharing music, YouTube vids, merch, NFTs, among others, to other crypto community members.

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Steven Cooper tweeted, “Our goal isn’t for shib holders to always burn their coins. Our goal is to spread music, YouTube vids, merch, NFT’s, etc to audiences outside of shib army. This is how we reach a .01. By building an ecosystem where people are burning w/o even knowing it. Through entertainment.

“This is something that is groundbreaking and has never been done. This is why we’re so adamant about rallying support and getting people to see the vision early. A true entertainment ecosystem could burn in the millions of dollars per month.”

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Eight Other Businesses Pledge to Burn SHIB Tokens In 2022

As reported in December 2021, there are eight other businesses that have joined Bigger Entertainment in the SHIB burn campaign.

Among them is Shiba Coffee Company. This coffee-shipping business supports the SHIB ecosystem, buys SHIB with 100 percent of its profits, and burns ten percent of the SHIB it buys.

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The following are 7 remaining businesses in the SHIB Burn pledge list:

  • The Vibe Maquillage – cosmetics line burning 15% of all sales made in SHIB
  • Marklien – a high-quality knitted apparel store.  25% will be burned from all purchases using SHIB as a payment method.
  • Precious Paws – dog accessories and toys. 20% of profits will be burned.
  • Cryptoon Network – 20% of sales will be burned.
  • Save The F**king Trees – 75% of earnings from gear and art will go to burns.
  • THE SHIBETTES | 1/1 NFTs – burning a percentage of proceeds from NFT sales
  • Shiba Search – burning a percentage of ad revenue

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